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If You've Ever Been On A First Date And Noticed Some Big Red Or Green Flags, Tell Us Your Story

Ya gotta know how to spot those flags.

First dates are filled with first impressions. They're all about gauging how compatible you may be with someone. They're also perfect for sussing out any red flags that may mean it's not a good match, or uncovering some green flags and making a positive connection.

Perhaps you went on a first date with someone you met on an app. Though the date was filled with lots of conversation, you quickly realized that they didn't ask you a single question. All they did was tell stories and wait for you to carry the conversation along. Though they seemed like an interesting person, you thought it was a red flag that they didn't care to learn anything about you.

Maybe you went on a first date with someone who didn't check their phone the entire evening, left a good tip after dinner, and asked if you'd be comfortable with them walking you home. They politely dropped you off at your door and didn't pressure you to keep the night going, but texted you when they got home to say they had a great time and wanted to go out again. You felt like they were earnest and were happy to plan another date.

Or perhaps you went out to dinner and your date insisted on ordering for you. They seemed to think they were being polite, but you felt really uncomfortable. They ended up ordering you something that contained an allergen you can't have, then seemed irritated when you told them you couldn't have it. You clocked this as a red flag and politely declined their offer for another date.

Or maybe you were planning a date with someone and got good vibes before even meeting because they took charge in making a plan, but asked about your preferences, boundaries, and interests beforehand to make sure the date was exactly what you were looking for.

What are some red or green flags you've noticed on a first date that you think more people should be aware of? Tell us in the comments, or submit anonymously using this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.