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    People Are Sharing The Times They've Caught Their Coworkers Doing Something Shady, And I'm Absolutely Flabbergasted

    "I caught a teacher going through students' lunch boxes and stealing food."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the shadiest thing they've ever caught a coworker doing. Well, the tea is HOT, y'all. Here are the wildest responses:

    1. "My boss was required to get a master’s degree in order to keep her management position. She openly bragged to employees that she paid someone $1,500 to take her statistics class for her after she failed her first attempt. This was at a university medical center."

    Annoyed Rosa Diaz

    2. "When I was a teenager, I worked at a fast-food place in a city with two very fierce rival football teams. A player from team A showed up and ordered a meal while my colleague (a fan of team B) was in the kitchen. The player requested extra mayo. My colleague, recovering from a virus, spat the thickest and greenest glob of saliva I've ever seen into his meal. Not OK. I quit soon after for another job."

    Gagging Nick Miller

    3. "I worked at a job once where one of the sales managers and the head of HR got fired and arrested for using their corporate cards to pay for their affair (both were married to other people). They racked up over $60,000 in fancy hotel rooms, room service, gifts, etc. It was bananas. I remember I was coming back from lunch, and both of them were in cuffs being taken out of the office."

    Gasping JLO

    4. "A coworker forgot to log out of their email on a shared computer. Another coworker read all of their emails out loud to others at work."

    5. "When I worked at a hotel, I found out a coworker was selling unsold rooms to people through Backpage and pocketing the money."

    Shocked Jim Halpert

    6. "I used to work at a popular department store, and the manager would have the employees apply for several of the store's credit cards every day in order to meet the store's quota."

    Cringing David Rose

    7. "An associate team leader at our grocery store tried to pass expired soups as fresh. I investigated and found the packages showing the dates. I reported it, and unfortunately they weren’t disciplined AT ALL. Customers could have gotten sick! A few weeks later, that same associate got caught falsifying temp logs and was finally fired!"

    8. "I caught a guy stealing from the amusement park we worked at! He would take used tickets out of the trash, give them to guests at our cash register like we just printed them, then pocket the cash. We'd take the tickets like normal at the ride entry, and no one knew for MONTHS! Then, one day, I saw him taking the tickets out of his pocket, and his face screamed that he was doing something sketchy. I told my boss, and they dealt with it."

    Surprised Jake Peralta

    9. "When I worked for a worldwide pizza chain, a coworker would manually write down orders paid for with cash instead of including them in the point of sale system. She would then pocket the cash. The only shortage would be inventory, but a few missing dough balls and ingredients didn’t account for much. She got away with it for a long time because she only did this on her shifts where she ran the store alone."

    Annoyed Ron Swanson

    10. "When I was 15, my first job was at a local restaurant that sold coffee and lunch fare (soup, sandwiches, salads, pastries, and desserts). All of the food was sourced locally and delicious. One day I walked into the back to find another teenage coworker sticking his bare hand into an entire chocolate cake."

    Shocked Bill Hader yelling and pointing

    11. "My supervisor had a book on her desk (out in the open) titled Dealing With People You Can't Stand. One day I picked it up and saw that everyone in our unit was marked with their initials by which personality they were. None of them were kind, flattering, or funny. We confronted her with management, and she refused to apologize. She said we just misunderstood it."

    Crying Pam Beesly

    12. "I was selling tires at the time, and one of the mechanics came up and grabbed my chapstick, liberally applied it to his lips, and clocked out for the night. I thought it was super rude, so I didn’t point out that it was pink and glittery. He stormed in the next morning yelling that his girlfriend broke up with him the night before because she assumed he had been making out with another girl."

    Laughing Jameela Jamil

    13. "When I worked at this one school, I caught a teacher going through students' lunch boxes and stealing food."

    Ticked-off teacher touching her head

    14. "I used to work for a famous jewelry company. One of our most expensive jewels was a 300-euro necklace with a central gemstone that came in two colors and was interchangeable. We worked on commission, and one of my colleagues was going to sell it to a client when she realized that one of the two gemstones was missing."

    Crying Kelly Kapoor

    15. "I worked at this funky coffee shop for a few years in the mid-2000s. Lots of characters, but this one girl stood out. Multiple times she brought her young daughter to work and tried to hide her under the counter during her shift. Once, she didn’t feel like taking a bathroom break, and peed in a trash can behind the counter. Another time, she changed her pad behind the counter. At least she was friendly."

    Shocked Leslie Knope

    16. Finally: "I caught a coworker printing out the social security numbers for a whole population of one of our biggest clients. Like, HELLO! You don’t need that. Time for a firing and a fraud investigation."

    Angry Captain Holt

    What's the strangest or shadiest thing you've ever seen a coworker do? Tell us in the comments!