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    19 Rude Customers Who Honestly Deserve To Be Banned From All Stores And Restaurants

    "She went on a rampage because we didn't sell goat eggs."

    Let's take a second and appreciate the brave souls who work in customer service, food service, and retail. For every good customer they encounter, they deal with about a dozen rude and demanding ones.

    We previously highlighted some really awful customer experiences, and people responded with even wilder stories, so here are some more that'll make your blood boil:

    1. "I work at McDonald's and this happened just a few days ago. I handed a woman her tray and asked if she needed sugar with her coffee. She turned her nose up and said, 'I won’t answer. You all are not educated.'"

    Johnny Rose asking, "What the hell?"

    2. "I used to work in concessions at a movie theater. One time, our popcorn kettle caught on fire. Smoke filled the lobby and I was using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, all while a customer stood at the counter and yelled at me that she still wanted popcorn. I could barely even see her through the smoke."

    Questioning and annoyed JLO

    3. "I worked at a family-friendly resort hotel. As this one guest was unloading her car to check in, a bird pooped on her Coach purse. At the check-in counter, she demanded we pay for a replacement purse, since 'our bird' ruined her purse. My coworker smiled and said, 'How do you know the bird doesn't belong to the hotel next door?'"

    Cringing Rashida Jones

    4. "We had a patient call the police on us because she came to our dentist's office for an appointment that she didn’t have. She insisted that we see her at that very moment, and when we explained we were fully booked and would have to schedule her another day, she went ballistic and called the police. She went outside to meet the police and never came back inside! Truly bizarre!"

    Ron Swanson asking what the hell just happened

    5. "I work at the fish counter in a supermarket. A few months ago, a guy in a cowboy hat actually threw the fish I had just handed him back at me because he didn't like the way I had wrapped it. Unfortunately for him, it was his second incident. He has been banned for a year by security."

    Angry Kristen Bell

    6. "When I was a manager at a health food grocery store, a customer was perplexed that we did not stock 'goat eggs.' I gently explained to her that goats do not lay eggs, and she went on a rampage saying that our store was supposed to carry EVERYTHING. She demanded to speak with the manager. I was the manager."

    Angry retail worker staring at a customer

    7. "I worked at Chick-fil-A in high school and had a woman yell at me because I wouldn’t sell her a cheeseburger."

    Charlie Day rubbing his head in agony

    8. "I wouldn't take a raw rotisserie chicken out of the oven and sell it to a customer, so they threw a gallon of milk at me."

    Woman rubbing her head in frustration

    9. "I once had a customer scream obscenities at me because apparently we sold her burnt pizza multiple times. I worked at a take-and-bake pizza place, so she cooked the pizzas herself. But I guess somehow it was our fault she didn't know how to use an oven."

    Disgusted Nick Miller

    10. "Today, an old woman got mad at one of my coworkers because he didn’t know what school her granddaughter went to."

    Shocked Oprah

    11. "Someone yelled at me because her fries were deep-fried. I had to resist the urge to give her raw fries."

    Disgusted David Rose

    12. "My favorite incident was when I worked at the deli counter and an 80-year-old accused me of attempting to sell her 'fraudulent turkey' because the slices tore if you cut them more than two millimeters thick. She yelled, 'That's not turkey! I know my turkey!'"

    Disturbed Monica Geller

    13. "Just the other day, a women screamed at me because our restaurant has Sweet'n Low instead of Splenda. When I gave her the sweetener, she yelled in my face about how insulted she was that I would give her such garbage. Even after finding her some brown sugar in the kitchen, she was unpleasant for the rest of her meal."

    Squidward slamming his head on the register

    14. "I worked in a charity bookshop and my first customer ever yelled at me because I told her we didn't sell bowling balls. I have no idea how I lasted two years at that place."

    Jim Halpert asking "What the going on?"

    15. "I’m a server, and one time a customer asked for double the meat on a meat lover's pizza that already came with four types of meat on it. Well, he got the pizza and yelled at me, refused to tip, and left a bad review about me all because there was too much meat on it. Again, he wanted double meat on a pizza that already came with four types of meat. I even offered to make him a new one with less meat and he declined four times. He sat there the whole time picking off the meat one piece at a time."

    Shocked Nicole Byer

    16. "My first job was at a grocery store, and they had just started charging for plastic bags. This one guy didn’t want to pay the five pence, so he threw a block of cheese at my head!"

    Man and woman bagging groceries

    17. "I once had an older man yell at me for not giving him his change in two dollar bills. He demanded to know why we didn’t have two dollars bills. Maybe because they’re not in circulation and we were a pizza shop? He also informed me that they’re worth twice as much as one dollar bills (uh, duh). He made me give him his change in quarters because he refused to take dollar bills. I thought he was just trying to be funny, but a few minutes later, a customer came in and said, 'Did you know there’s an old man outside yelling about two dollar bills?'"

    Screaming Ilana Glazer

    18. "Postal office clerk here. One customer screamed at me when I told her we couldn't send her mail because it had no address on it. Yup, no address — just the person's name. She then proceeded to yell that she always sends letters like that and that her letters always arrive that way."

    Shocked Leslie Knope

    19. Finally: "I used to bartend. This lady came up to the bar and said she had dropped her phone in the toilet. I was like, 'Oh wow, that sucks!' She said, 'Well aren't you going to go get it out for me?' She left the phone sitting in the toilet she'd just used. I politely reminded her that I was a bartender not a toilet-phone-recoverer. She called me a choice name and stormed off."

    Pam Beesly with her head in her hands

    What's your customer horror story? Drop it in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.