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I Rewatched The Disney Movie "Jump In!" As An Adult — Here Are All My Feelings

Corbin Bleu deserves more time on our screens!

Hey, remember the 2007 Disney movie Jump In! starring Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer?

cast of Jump In posing together

I loooved this movie (and that cutie Corbin Bleu), so I decided to rewatch it for the first time in 15 years! Follow along with me as I give you a play-by-play of the movie's key moments, and all my thoughts and feelings:

Corbin bleu smiling

OH MY GOD, here we go!

"jump in" over a boxing ring with corbin bleu jumping rope inside

Izzy Daniels, played by Corbin Bleu, is an up-and-coming boxing champ in Brooklyn. Lovin' this parkour montage at the beginning.

corbin bleu doing parkour

Oooop, he just interrupted Mary Thomas, played by Keke Palmer, and her friends while they practice double dutch for their upcoming regional competition. They want to make it to city finals!!

girls jumping rope being interrupted by corbin bleu

Yeaaah, it looks like someone might have a little crush on our boy Izzy.

keke palmer smirking

Now we've met Izzy's dad and little sister Karin. His dad was a talented boxer back in the day and has high hopes for Izzy's boxing career. We also learned that Izzy's mom is no longer around.

dad and daughter at the table eating dinner

OMG, Izzy's one match away from going to the Golden Gloves event, which sounds quite prestigious. And yes, his dad does seem to own the gym Izzy trains at.

two men talking

Enter: Tammy. She's about to show these boys what the heck is up!

boys teasing a girl

Sparks are FLYING.

corbin bleu flirting with keke palmer

Welp, Izzy just got roped (haha, get it?) into taking his little sister to the double dutch competition.

corbin bleu helping a little girl fix her hair

OMG, it's Big Rodney, the neighborhood bully, who also happens to be Izzy's competition at the upcoming exhibition match.

the neighborhood bully picking on corbin bleu

Aww, Mary's pretty nervous for the competition. But she's both shocked and surprised to see Izzy there.

keke palmer teasing corbin bleu

Oh no, it's the rival team, the Dutch Dragons!!! Here comes some double dutch drama.

rival double dutch teams square up

The competition is fierce, and it has Izzy feeling some type of way.

corbin bleu watching a jumprope compeition

Mary and her team got fourth place, but they still qualify for city finals! Of course the mean girls won the trophy. Ugh.

a team of girls holding their trophy

Yikes, there's some tension on the team.

two girls arguing

Oh man, looks like Rodney might act up because his home life has some issues. Poor guy.

corbin bleu watching his classmate talk to a guidance counselor

It's time for the exhibition match!

two boxers about to fight

Izzy won!! But Rodney looks really sad, so I feel bad.

a boxing match where one guy finally wins and celebrates

Izzy took the clothes that Rodney threw out and left them on his doorstep. He's a good egg.

corbin watching a house from behind a taxi

Looks like Mary's double dutch team is one person short.

one of the double dutch teammates leaving the team

Rodney wants to square up AGAIN!

bully asking for a rematch with his boxing opponent

They need a fourth jumper for their team!!! Come on, Izzy.

corbin bleu and keke palmer preparing to jump rope

Izzy's got moves!

corbin bleu impressively jumping rope

The girls want Izzy to join their team, and he's being a baby about it.

girls asking corbin bleu to join their jumprope team

Sneaky!! They're asking Izzy to fill in for their team. Mary just needs some convincing.

girls arguing

OK, she's convinced.

keke palmer begging corbin bleu to stay on her jumprope team

Montage!! Izzy's getting pretty good.

keke palmer and corbin bleu jumping rope

AH! Tammy has spotted the squad practicing double dutch in the gym!

girl watching a group jump rope

Izzy is exhausted and just lost a match to Tammy. She was NOT chill about it.

corbin bleu losing a boxing match to a girl

You tell him, Tammy!

tammy telling corbin bleu to stop making jokes about her and she won't reveal his secret

Oh snapppp. Izzy just told Mary her routine is boring and they need to try something new!

corbin telling keke they need a new routine

Time to get some inspiration from kids in the neighborhood.

keke and corbin watching kids jump rope

Rodney decided to get all aggressive out of nowhere, but Mary saved the day by dumping some conveniently placed ice water over his head.

girl dumping water on the bully's head

Sparks are flying, sparks are flying...then BOOM, the kiss!

corbin and keke kissing

Moment's over! Time for a tough chat with Dad.

father lecturing his son

Yikes, Rodney just spotted Izzy and the girls practicing double dutch in the gym.

the bully catching corbin doing double dutch

OMG, Rodney reappeared with his buddy and this prehistoric camera to catch Izzy in the act.

the bully photographing corbin bleu jumping rope

Izzy's officially a part of the team! But he still doesn't want "his boys" to know.

corbin joining the double dutch team

Dang, Izzy just became part of the team, and he's already changing the name. And now they're entering the double dutch showcase. It's in THREE DAYS!!

corbin renaming the team

Izzy left this double dutch flyer out in his room. Rookie mistake! Someone's gonna find it.

flyer sitting on a dresser

Uh-oh! Izzy was intercepted by his dad on his way to the competition, and now he's gotta go watch a boxing match.

a father holding tickets up to his son

The panic is setting in.

girls waiting backstage

The show must go on.

three girls on stage

Ohhh snap. Mary just kicked Izzy off the team. I mean, that's what he gets, TBH.

keke and corbin fighting

The Hot Chili Steppers can't go to city finals without a fourth teammate. Will they ask Izzy to come back???

girls talking on a stoop

In the ye old times before social media, people just printed embarrassing flyers and posted them around school when they wanted to pick on someone (according to movies).

corbin getting picked on by the whole school because he jumps rope

I smell misogyny and toxic masculinity!

friends picking on corbin


bully mocking corbin

Cue the sad montage!!!

Corbin bleu feeling sad and being made fun of

OK, so Izzy's dad won this chain of golden gloves the night he won the Golden Glove tournament, and he went to leave this as a gift on Izzy's bed, but he snooped and found the crumpled up flyers calling Izzy a loser for jumping rope!!!

a man snooping in a room and finding flyers

Please GOD don't let his dad be mad at him for JUMPING ROPE. There are far worse things for teenagers to be doing in secret. Chillll.

So, we've reached Izzy's boiling point.

corbin bleu lamenting about not liking boxing anymore

He's gonna go get milk.

corbin bleu standing in shock

Anddd, Izzy found the gift his dad left on his bed. Cue the guilt.

corbin bleu holding a jewelry box

Now Mary's here to try to talk some sense into Izzy.

Tammy's swooping in with some wise words!!

woman lecturing her friend in the gym

Essentially everyone thinks Izzy's being a baby. Go do your double dutch, dude!

coach and corbin bleu in the gym

Sooo, Rodney basically showed up with the entire school to harass Izzy and challenge him to a rematch.

two young men about to fight

After showing off his gymnastic abilities in the ring, Izzy told Rodney that fighting wasn't worth it.

men boxing and corbin bleu giving a speech about how fighting isn't everything

There goes Izzy being the bigger person.

And Rodney's impressed.

a young man lost in thought

Dang, the city finals look legit. The news is there and everything.

newscaster at an event

Izzy has entered the building!!!

corbin bleu showing up to the double dutch tournament

Their rivals!!!

double dutch teams squaring up

OMG, Rodney's here!!

a man arriving at a double dutch competition

The Hot Chili Steppers are in the lead so far!!!

one team celebrating and one mourning

OK, the Dutch Dragons came in first for the speed round, but the Hot Chili Steppers were second place!

a team celebrating

Freestyle round! Izzy's nerves are setting in.

nervous corbin bleu

The Hot Chili Steppers are right after their rivals, the Dutch Dragons.

a double dutch team performing

Look at that standing ovation! Apparently people are really into this.

a crowd cheering

The Daniels family is in the HOUSE!

a father and son making eye contact across the arena

Why are they also doing a full dance routine without their ropes?

a team jumping rope and dancing

Everyone is thoroughly impressed.

an excited crowd watching corbin bleu flip

Aww, it's time for a father-son heart-to-heart.

father and son talking

YES! Rodney and Izzy are finally cool.

corbin bleu and the bully shaking hands

They made it to state finals! But they didn't win...until the next year.

an announcer on stage

Also, Rodney's been the narrator all along! He's been telling the story to a group of kids. Aww.

man telling kids a story

But for now, YAY WINNERS!

corbin bleu and keke palmer holding up a trophy

Hey, even Mr. Daniels has moves!

kids and a dad jumping rope

THE END!!!!!

corbin bleu jumping in the sky

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