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People Who Quit Their Retail Jobs On The Spot, Tell Us Your Breaking Point

I'm out of here!

People who work in retail are truly unsung heroes. In a world of angry Karens and Kens, retail workers must exhibit incredible restraint and patience. Kudos!!

Though retail workers probably have a higher tolerance for BS than your average person, everyone has a breaking point.

Maybe you were working behind the register at a department store when a huffy customer approached you. She wanted to return a pair of shoes for a full refund. You looked at the shoes, and not only were they partially destroyed, but they were also from an entirely different store. You politely told the woman you couldn't refund the shoes, so she snatched them from the box and hurled them at your head. You texted your manager that you were done, and walked out of the store.

Perhaps you worked in a grocery store and were setting up a display to showcase some new products. Just as you were finishing, your supervisor stormed up to you and began insulting your work. You tried to reason with him and figure out how best to adjust the display, but instead he swept his arm right through all the stacked products, causing cans, jars, and bags to fly everywhere. He told you to clean the mess, but you just laughed, took off your badge, and left.

Or maybe you were nearing the end of your shift at a clothing boutique and decided to walk back to the fitting rooms to make sure there were no clothes left in them. As you got to the hallway, your nose was met with the foulest stench in the world. You held your breath and peeked inside the first room. There you saw a pair of jeans from the store, absolutely covered in diarrhea, sitting on the floor. You gagged, texted your boss about the biohazard, and went home.

Retail workers, what was your breaking point with a job? Have you ever quit on the spot? Tell us your story in the comments below, or submit anonymously using this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!