26 Restaurants That Got Just A *Bit* Too Creative With How They Served Their Food

    A mannequin head is NOT a plate, and it shouldn't be used in the place of one!

    1. This replica of the chef's freakin' mouth:

    a plaster cast of the chef's mouth holding citrus foam

    2. This sticky situation:

    A person with sauce in their hands

    3. This shovelful of salad:

    Salad on a shovel

    4. This frightening presentation:

    Food on a face mould

    5. This gnarly nest:

    Food in a nest

    6. This dino display:

    A glass dinosaur holding a bread loaf

    7. This calamari in a clog:

    Calamari in a clog

    8. This "shrimply" disastrous setup:

    Shrimp all over the table

    9. This dustpan dessert:

    Dessert on a dustpan

    10. This artistic assortment:

    Food on a picture frame

    11. This completely unnecessary grassy wagon:

    Food on a wagon with grass

    12. This caged appetizer:

    Food in a cage

    13. This bread bag:

    A bag with bread inside

    14. This ominous candelabra corn:

    Corn on a candelabra

    15. This unsettling salad:

    A salad on a mannequin

    16. This ineffective tree branch tray:

    Food on a tray made out of a tree branch

    17. This Lego bread basket:

    A bread basket made out of Legos

    18. This weird potted plant situation:

    Food in plant pots

    19. This drawer...because why not?:

    Food inside of a repurposed drawer

    20. This repurposed rolling pin:

    Food resting on a repurposed rolling pin

    21. This straight-up dog bowl:

    a dog bowl with human food

    22. This ridiculous way to serve food covered in sauce:

    Food on a cutting board

    23. This presentation that, unfortunately, includes a lot of uncooked rice:

    Food resting in uncooked rice in a box

    24. This picnic basket:

    A picnic basket holding a cooked dish

    25. This literal log:

    Eggs on a log

    26. And finally, this cocktail served IN A SHOE:

    A cocktail in a tennis shoe

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