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    I'm Laughing But I'm Also Fuming Over These Horrible Design Choices In Restaurants

    Next time, please call an interior decorator for backup.

    1. This poo painting:

    2. This safety concern:

    3. This absolute nightmare fuel: 

    4. This menu that's sending mixed messages: 

    5. These signs that took me about five minutes to decipher:

    6. This literal hole-in-the-wall: 

    7. This questionable café: 

    8. This confusing word placement: 

    9. This terrible tile:

    10. This mess of a mirror:

    11. This logo with two very different interpretations:

    12. This shitty placement of a slogan:

    13. This sign that made my eyes cross:

    14. This sign with a confusing tagline:  

    15. This sign that instantly made me say, "NOPE!":

    16. This mystery menu: 

    17. This bathroom that apparently encourages the buddy system:

    18. This wall of wonder:

    19. This menu that feels more like a puzzle:

    20. These baffling bathrooms:

    21. This ambiguous check holder:

    22. These menus that double as drumsticks: 

    23. This poor photo placement:

    24. This crumby design: 

    25. This oddly brilliant marketing marvel:

    26. This sign that absolutely made me say, "What the fuck?":

    27. This table that's driving me nuts: 

    28. This dumb display: 

    29. This weird, weird window: 

    30. This maddening mistake: 

    31. And finally, this sneaky sign: 

    Welp, that was obnoxious! You can check out r/mildlyinfuriating, r/assholedesign, and r/CrappyDesign on Reddit for more frustrating fails!