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    22 Relationship Red Flags That Made People Realize They Weren't Dating "The One"

    "I gave him my number, and he proceeded to call me 72 times that week."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share relationship red flags they've encountered. Here are the painful results.

    1. "If he noticed someone checking me out, he would immediately point out my 'flaws,' like a pimple on my face or my weight. He would also tell me when he thought another girl was prettier than me and would always brush it off as a joke, but I knew deep down he wasn’t joking. Thank god I realized he was an insecure little dweeb!"

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    2. "They insisted on reading all my college assignments to check and see if they were 'good enough.'"

    3. "Right after we had sex for the first time, while he was still inside me, he said, 'Well, that felt different than with the ex.'"

    4. "I had been texting this guy for a couple weeks. We hadn’t even met in person yet. One day he invited me over, but said I couldn't wear ANY makeup in his house. He said he hated makeup and he’d make me take it off before I came in if I showed up wearing any. Needless to say, I did not text back after that!"

    5. "He called his sister 'thick' and picked out her underwear for her. Needless to say, the relationship did not last."

    6. "My now ex-boyfriend once broke into my house to use the restroom. He mentioned that whenever he pooped, he had to take a bath, or else he didn't feel clean. I’m almost positive that he pooped, took a bath, and then chilled on my couch."

    7. "He got unfathomably angry at me for hugging a 12-year-old boy that I’d known since he was a little kid. His reasoning was: 'Well, I had crushes on older women when I was 12, so you shouldn’t lead him on.'"

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    8. "On the first date, this guy randomly asked me if I was on any medications because, 'Depression medication really changes a person's personality,' and he didn't believe in it."

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    9. "After our second date, he called me to ask me how long we would have to be together before we got engaged."

    10. "He said that getting a tattoo honoring my late husband was a mistake and I'd regret it later. He was deeply jealous of him the whole time."

    11. "I met a guy on a dating app and he asked if he could call me after a few days of messaging. I gave him my number, and he proceeded to call me 72 times that week."

    12. "On the second date, they said, 'I'm so glad you are so intelligent because I couldn't deal with us having stupid kids.'"

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    13. "He told me on the first date that his entire friend group from his first college had a restraining order against him, including his ex, so that’s how he ended up going to school in the same city as me."

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    14. "10 minutes into the date, while the bartender was still standing in front of us and getting us waters, he just blurted out, 'I really want to eat your asshole.' Besides greeting me and ordering drinks, it was the first thing he said to me. I got up and left. People, you do you, but maybe don't start off a date by saying you want to eat someone's ass."

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    15. "They told me they couldn't move in with me because their mom, who they lived with, told them no. We were both 30."

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    16. "This guy took me on a date at an extremely upperclass shopping center and bragged about how he could probably afford anything there, but then took me out to dinner and wrote a big fat $0 on the tip line."

    17. "We went on holiday together for the first time, and he constantly told me how much he wished his friends had come as well."

    18. "My first boyfriend in high school would go through my phone every single time we hung out. He'd read through my text messages and check my socials. Because it was my first relationship, I figured it was normal. Plus, I never really cared because I knew I had nothing to hide. After discussing this with my friend, she told me this was not normal at all. The next time my boyfriend and I hung out, I asked to go through his phone. Instead of obliging, he proceeded to CHUCK IT ACROSS THE ROOM. He was cheating on me the whole time."

    19. "'You’re the hottest black girl I’ve seen.' This white boy said that to me after saying he had a thing for black girls because of our big lips, butt, and curves. No surprise, he just wanted sexual things because he viewed me and other black girls as objects."

    20. "He kept comparing me to his mum and saying, 'Well, my mum does it this way,' and, ‘My mum cooks it like this.' He expected me to do all the cooking and cleaning, even though we both worked full time. Beware of someone who just wants a ‘mum substitute.'"

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    21. "The first sign that my relationship was going to be a nightmare was when we watched America's Got Talent and he got mad at me for 'being attracted' to a shirtless contestant doing an acrobatic act. I had not said a single word about the guy. He just imagined the whole thing and then yelled at me for it."

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    22. And: "I told him I was bisexual, and he took that to mean he could bring home some random girl with no head's up or conversation beforehand."

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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