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    22 Kids' Snacks That Adults Find Just As Ridiculously Delicious

    Take me back.

    Two things to know about me: I'm sentimental, and I love food. What better way to satiate both fixes than to discuss the snacks of my youth that truly shaped and developed my adult palate?

    Note: While I refer to these foods as "snacks from childhood," there's no age limit when it comes to enjoying these tasty treats! Many of these snacks have graduated into my adult life — I just happen to associate them with lunchtime in elementary school.

    22. Bugles

    bag of bugles
    General Mills / Via

    I loved these salty, little witch fingers! If I close my eyes, I can still remember their satisfying crunch. Though there's nothing about bugles that suggests they are reserved for childhood, I just can't help but associate them with a school cafeteria. I enjoyed them, but I can't say I still crave them. There are plenty of other salty foods (looking at you, Garden Salsa SunChips) that help me get my crispy fix. 

    21. Pirate's Booty

    bag of Pirate's Booty
    B&G Foods / Via

    The name alone made every third-grader chuckle with delight, so you can imagine they were a fan favorite in the classroom! They were like Cheetos, but with a lil' extra ✨something-something✨. The texture gives crunchy cloud energy. I will say, I do still prefer Cheetos. They have a certain je ne sais quoi that just makes them unmatchable. Pirate's Booty will forever slap, just not as hard as Cheetos.

    20. YoCrunch Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt With Oreo

    cup of yogurt with oreo mix ins
    YoFarm Yogurt company / Via

    Anything cookies 'n' cream or Oreo-adjacent is already a winner in my book. I loved advocating for these indulgent desserts by arguing in favor of the health benefits of a nice cup of yogurt. On the rare occasion I finessed one of these glorious yogurt cups, I'd immediately long for the succulent taste of a cookies 'n' cream ice cream cone. Sure, these were an exciting addition at the bottom of my lunchbox, but they always left me craving the next level (ice cream). These probably won't ever make an appearance in my work lunchbox. 

    19. Snyder's of Hanover Honey Mustard Pretzels

    bag of honey mustard pretzel pieces
    Snyder's of Hanover / Via

    I'm pretty sure these were just honey mustard-flavored when I was a kid and there was no onion in the title, but they were delicious nonetheless! And, let me just say, these still had an onion flavor, even when it wasn't advertised in the name. They would make your breath STANK. But, they seem to have gotten a makeover, and I stan. I ate these damn pretzels A LOT in elementary school, so I'm not entirely sure I would actually enjoy them now. Plus, I am an avid fan of Dot's Homestyle Pretzels now, and that's where my loyalty lies. 

    18. Yogos

    a box of Yogos
    Kellogg's / Via

    I'll never be entirely certain what was inside these yogurt-covered goo balls, but I know that I miss them. I feel like they were coded to come across as a "healthier" treat because of the yogurt coating, but we could probably still classify these as candy. And, as far as candy goes, they probably wouldn't rank as one of the best. Nonetheless, for the nostalgia of it all, I wouldn't mind tasting a Yogo again. Then, I'd be able to more accurately gauge whether or not these chewy, little mysteries were really as tasty as my kid brain wanted me to think. But, alas, they are discontinued, so I may never know. 

    17. Cosmic Brownies

    box of Cosmic brownies
    Little Debbie / Via

    All hail these ✨chocolate bricks.✨ Let's be honest — these are NOT actually good brownies. Why are they sooo dense? Despite having the texture of a flattened cow patty (I can assume), Cosmic Brownies are still an oddly satisfying treat. Respectfully, they are no Duncan Hines...but if offered one today, I probably wouldn't say no. Would I purchase a box for myself? Sadly, I think I've exited that stage of my life. 

    16. Gripz

    box of Cheez-It Gripz
    Kellogg's / Via

    The Cheez-It variety of these teeny treats had SUCH a hold, or dare I say grip, on me! They are essentially just crumbs I could hoover from the bottom of a Cheez-It box, yet the experience of eating them was SO much more than that. This Cheez-It caviar paired beautifully with a PB&J and chilled Capri Sun. Truly a delicacy in the cafeteria. Though a single pouch probably amounted to eight full-sized Cheez-Its, there was something so satisfying about tossing back those crispy morsels while discussing the newest episode of Hannah Montana with my peers. I yearn for those simpler times. Even so, as an adult, I'd much rather opt for full-size Cheez-Its. 

    15. Pizza Goldfish

    bag of pizza-flavored Goldfish
    Pepperidge Farm / Via

    YES 100x!!! What did we do to deserve these iconic fish? Goldfish flavors never missed, and lord knows I tried 'em all, but the pizza ones really encapsulate childhood joy in my mind. These were the perfect savory snack after a particularly intense P.E. class or a super-boring math lesson.

    14. Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding

    chocolate pudding packs
    Snack Pack / Via

    I have so much appreciation for these creamy, silky, chocolaty, little cups of heaven. These are a top-tier dessert, no matter who you are or how old you may be. Pudding isn't just for children and the elderly. Let's put some respect on pudding's name — it's underrated. I was stoked to see a pudding cup in my lunchbox back then, and I'd be stoked to see one now. 

    13. Kraft Singles

    pack of Kraft Singles American cheese
    Kraft / Via

    There's something (probably chemical) about American cheese that keeps me coming back. As a cheese fanatic, I've had my fair share of delicious mozzarella, brie, gorgonzola, provolone, and other beautiful cheeses, yet I still stomach (and even enjoy) these rubbery slices! Don't come at me. These bad boys make a BANGIN' grilled cheese. And, shamelessly, I'll eat them alone as a lil' snack moment, too, usually while mildly intoxicated. You won't catch me dropping a few of these slices in my lunchbox to eat in front of other human beings, but you might catch me with a pack in my fridge. 

    12. Go-Gurt

    box of Go-Gurt
    Yoplait / Via

    Hold up, please tell me you froze your Go-Gurts too! Flaccid Go-Gurts are out, and frozen Go-Gurts are IN! I'd have no shame slurping on one of these bad boys in a conference room in front of my esteemed colleagues, the same way I'd enjoy one at a picnic table next to the playground as a child. A timeless classic. 

    11. Ritz Bits

    box of Ritz Bits crackers
    Nabisco / Via

    Here I am, yet again, simping over fake cheese. My Italian ancestors are quaking! But hot damn, the cheese whiz in these cracker sandwiches used to really hit the spot. I feel like I randomly ate a bag of these on a school field trip, then was forever changed. It wasn't a snack food I ate often at all, which made it all the more special. I haven't happened across them at my local grocery store, but all bets are off if I do. 

    10. Teddy Grahams

    box of chocolate chip Teddy Grahams
    Nabisco / Via

    Teddy Grahams are all delicious, but I reallyyyy fuck with the chocolate chip ones. Just look at them! Those miniature chocolate flecks sent my child self into an absolute tizzy. To be quite honest, looking back, I'm not sure the chocolate chips changed the integrity of the bears. Did they enhance flavor, or did they just enhance the experience? Much to think about. Either way, they still slap, and I'd be lucky to sport a baggie of these beautiful bears in my lunchbox. 

    9. Mother's Circus Animal Cookies

    bag of frosted animal crackers
    Mother's Cookies / Via

    OH MY GODDD, I swear these were iced with pure magic. These were RARELY in my house, but when I could get my grubby, little hands on a bag, it was game over. I'd honestly give anything to throw back a few of these whimsical, little cookies right now. 

    8. Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies

    box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies
    Little Debbie / Via

    Little Debbie made these with love — you can just tell. I bet that's the secret ingredient that makes these puppies so damn delicious. Though these really take me back to childhood, I won't pretend like I don't consume these treasures as an adult. I totally do. Maybe not often, but they are still a valuable part of my life. 

    7. Oreo Cakesters

    box of Oreo Cakesters
    Nabisco / Via

    You know how I feel about Oreo things, and these were no exception! So fluffy, so moist, so decadent. Whenever these graced my lunchbox in school, I'd have the best fucking day. I would absolutely fight tooth and nail to enjoy another one of these right the heck now. 

    6. Fruit by the Foot

    box of Fruit Roll-Ups
    Betty Crocker / Via

    Were they really 3 feet? I never cared to measure! All I know is I'd suck 'em down like spaghetti noodles. As you will soon see with my remaining snack choices, fruity/gummy snacks have a very special place in my heart. If I didn't think people would give me weird looks now, I'd probably always have one of these handy in my purse for a quick snack. 

    5. Rice Krispies Treats

    box of Rice Krispies Treats
    Kellogg's / Via

    NOBODY CAN TELL ME THESE ARE ANYTHING LESS THAN AMAZING. So simple, yet so stunning. I can never get enough! I loved them then, I love them now. I even made my own homemade versions to try and replicate the magic. They're never quite the same, but I can't even be mad about it. These boxed baddies are too perfect to ever truly recreate.

    4. Fruit Roll-Ups

    box of Fruit Roll-Ups
    Betty Crocker / Via

    Don't even get me STARTED on the ones that had tongue tattoos! So metal, so punk!! 🤘 Here I am again, showing my affinity for snacks that are bad for my teeth! I definitely treated myself to a few boxes of these throughout college, and my roommate (shoutout, Mackenzie!) would snack on them with me. Maybe I'll petition to get these put in the office's snack bar. 

    3. Little Debbie Zebra Cakes

    box of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes
    Little Debbie / Via

    Oh my LORD. Zebra Cake superiority! If you're not as big a fan as I am, maybe don't tell me. I'm not sure my heart could take it. These are undoubtedly the perfect lunchbox sweet treat. Haters are WRONG. Give me a box RIGHT NOW.

    2. Scooby-Doo! Fruit Flavored Snacks

    box of Scooby-Doo gummies
    Betty Crocker / Via

    The blue Scooby gummy 💙 is such a superior work of art. I still think about it often. WHYYY is it so good? Someone please explain. It's a mystery that not even Mystery Inc. can solve! If these were in my pantry, I'd be going buck wild. 

    1. Gushers

    box of Gushers
    Betty Crocker / Via

    BOW DOWN, BITCHES! Coming in at number one, we have the magical phenomenon known as Gushers! Though my teeth don't necessarily like the experience of downing a pack of Gushers, my heart sure does. And I always follow my heart. 

    There you have it! These are my polarizing snack opinions. Fight with me in the comments if you must!