13 Questions Kids Had About Sex That Made Adults Squirm Nervously

    Whoa there.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest questions kids have ever asked them about sex. Here are the entertaining results.

    1. "My 6-year-old daughter asked, 'How does the penis get into the vagina if it’s always just flopping around?'"

    2. "As little kids, a bunch of my male cousins asked when they were going to get their periods and made bets with each other as to who would lose the most blood and survive."

    Wide-eyed woman

    3. "My friend's little brother began loving metal music around age 7, and since he was super musically talented, he started learning and playing some of the songs. This then caused a very awkward teacher-parent conference, as he had asked his teacher what 'choking chicks' and 'sodomy' meant."

    4. "When I was 4, I asked my mom where babies came from, and she gave me some honest, age-appropriate answers. A couple weeks later, I asked, 'When a mommy and a daddy make a baby, how does the daddy get his penis back?'"

    5. "A friend’s 10-year-old asked her husband, 'Daddy, what does it feel like to be inside a woman?'"

    6. "A student once assured me that since I went to college, I must've seen a lot of 'pee pees' (pee pees = penis, in case you weren’t sure)."

    7. "When I was little, I asked my mom what 'fuck' meant. She got flustered and told me that it was a bad word for when a woman gets pregnant. Between the ages of 5 and 8, every time I saw a pregnant woman, I would tell whoever was listening that she was 'fucked.'"

    8. "I was watching a stand-up comedy show when my 11-year-old stepdaughter paused the TV, looked me dead in the eyes, and asked me, 'What’s a clit?' I truthfully don't remember all that I said to her, but the explanation included, 'It makes sex/touching good for girls.'"

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    9. "A seventh-grade teacher at my previous job announced her pregnancy while her husband was traveling. The students asked me if he FedExed the sperm."

    10. "My friends and I asked our teacher how mermaids reproduce."

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    11. "While I was teaching sexual reproduction to students in Year 7, one girl asked me what a glory hole was. Normally, I'm totally fine with answering most questions about sex, but that one flustered me. She said she had asked her mum, and she had apparently said to ask me instead!"

    12. "When my friend and I were 8, we asked my mom if having sex for two hours would result in having twins."

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    13. Finally: "A student once asked if they could use a Ziploc container instead of a condom since they’re both made from plastic."

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.