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    Just 28 Insanely Nostalgic Pictures That Make Me Yearn For Childhood

    The good old days.

    Sometimes, I get a little nostalgic and find myself scrolling through r/90s and r/nostalgia — you know, for the mems.

    I stumbled across some staples from my childhood that I just had to share. Let's take this trip down memory lane together:

    1. This magical carpet that used to make me dizzy:

    90's movie theater carpet from 90s

    I can still smell this picture.

    2. This Friday night tradition:

    Fridays at Blockbuster from 90s

    I cried when they closed the Blockbuster by my house.

    3. This ancient artifact:

    Ancient relic of unknown purpose from 90s

    Gone but not forgotten.

    4. These sick-day staples:

    This was the life. :( from 90s

    "You are...NOT the father!"

    5. This fish that everyone's dad just happened to have:

    Big Mouth Billy Bass! (1999) from 90s

    Why exactly did it sing?

    6. These VHS tapes that I may or may not still have:

    Lol from 90s

    I checked, and yeah, still got 'em.

    7. These forbidden fruit snacks:

    Silly erasers that never worked. from 90s

    Let's be honest — these did nothing but leave giant smears all over your paper.

    8. This machinery that did not live up to its promise:

    Never Obsolete from 90s

    Awww, RIP.

    9. This absolute rush of joy:

    Did every school have this? This thing was awesome from 90s

    Oh, to be this young and carefree.

    10. These sweet, sweet snacks:

    school lunch grape ice pops! from nostalgia

    I liked these, but in hindsight, didn't they kind of taste like medicine?

    11. This classic comedy:

    This was SNL for kids from 90s

    This show definitely shaped my sense of humor.

    12. This sweet, sweet treat:

    Miss these! from 90s

    Nectar of the gods.

    13. This old-school VR system:

    Anyone remember this? from 90s

    Now I stare at pictures of pretty places I'll never visit on my iPhone.

    14. These precious gems:

    Who had this? I was so fancy every day! from 90s

    These made me feel like the baddest bitch.

    15. This magical wonder:

    Who else remembers having this when they were little? from 90s

    It took me WAY too long to figure out how these worked.

    16. This special TV offer:

    zoo books - can’t forget the limited edition tiger poster from 90s

    Can I renew my subscription?

    17. These portable nightmares:

    Who had one? from 90s

    I had a meltdown when mine died.

    18. These colorful creations:

    If you know you know from 90s

    Why did I lowkey want to eat these?

    19. These funny little butt scooters:

    90's kids - remember having your fingers crushed by these in gym class? from 90s

    Thanks so much for fucking up my fingers!

    20. This timeless timekeeper:

    The GE alarm clock that everyone seemed to have from nostalgia

    I hated this thing and everything it stood for.

    21. This picture I can still hear:

    Coming soon to theaters from nostalgia

    I would like for this sound to grace my ears again.

    22. These vibrant VHS tapes:

    Nickelodeon's orange VHS tapes from nostalgia

    Look how beautiful it is.

    23. These magnificent markers:

    crayola stamp markers from nostalgia

    These were game changers in art class.

    24. This iconic pattern:

    Is there anything more 90s than this? I'll wait. from 90s

    Bring this back!

    25. These velcro-covered bad boys:

    Magic Mitt for the 90s kids out there from nostalgia

    It was tragic when the ball stopped sticking.

    26. This furry friend:

    Anyone remember seeing Wishbone? from nostalgia

    I miss ya, buddy.

    27. These funky fairy tales:

    The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. from nostalgia

    I am now reminded of how much I loved this book!

    28. And finally, this cinematic masterpiece:

    Arguably the best Scooby Doo movie, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. from nostalgia

    I watched it a few months ago, and it still slaps.

    Ahhh, memories.

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