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    38 Photos That'll Make You Say "Wait, What?" And Then "Oh, I See It"

    I think my brain just broke.

    1. This passenger who appears to have lost their head:

    It looks like there's a collar on the jacket, but there isn't. That's the top of this passenger's hoodie. They are slumped over, with their head leaning towards the window.

    2. This perfectly normal door design:

    The light and the shadow are highlighting different parts of the wood panels, making them appear split.

    3. This headache:

    The person in the back has a mirror in their lap. They are leaning against the mirror, not bumping heads with a distracted driver!

    4. This house on a hill:

    The photographer tilted the camera so the cars look level, when they are actually parked on a hill. Tilt your phone!

    5. This peacock who isn't showing off its feathers:

    Just a peacock chilling in front of a plant.

    6. This possessed pup:

    Look at those legs! From left to right we have: the dog's back right leg, back left leg, front right leg, and front left leg.

    7. These glasses with ghostly eyes:

    No, there aren't eyeballs sitting under those glasses. Those are just reflections from a lamp.

    8. This mysterious mat:

    The mat isn't on top of the wine glass. It's just visible through the clear part of the glass.

    9. This dog who definitely has a normal face:

    No, the dog's face is not melting! Its head is just tilted upside down.

    10. This happy bird who didn't actually get dentures:

    The bird's beak gap just happened to catch the grin of the person in the back.

    11. This mistaken muscle:

    That's a knee and shin, not a bicep! She's sitting with a leg bent in the chair.

    12. This cat who's not actually about to square up:

    No, those aren't tiny cat arms — sorry to disappoint! The long legs in the front are the cat's front legs. It appears to have a sock draped across its back.

    13. This cup that's not actually shooting off into space:

    It's just a black and white dog enjoying a puppuccino!

    14. This person who isn't trapped in the cement:

    This kid is leaning on a ledge. It's not all one level. The cement path is lower than the grass. Her body is back there!

    15. This toilet that isn't actually in a tight spot:

    If you look to the right of the toilet, you'll see a mirror clip. You can see in the mirror above the sink that there's a mirrored door to the left. The left portion of the picture is the door with the mirror — not a shower toilet!

    16. This full cup of coffee:

    No, it's not empty! It's actually filled to the brim.

    17. This bike with no passenger:

    Upon further investigation, it's just a bike in front of an ad.

    18. This not-so-magical mixed drink:

    The shadow makes it look like the glass is levitating.

    19. These two guys in khaki shirts:

    Just two dudes rocking some khaki at a weird angle.

    20. This upside down dog:

    Selfie angles are important! This dog's chin makes it look like a creature from outer space.

    21. This birthing bag:

    This beach-goes just happens to be blocked by their bag in the perfect way.

    22. This giraffe who, I promise, is just fine:

    Just an unfortunate angle. Still cute though!

    23. This creepin' cat:

    This curious cat poked its head around a mirror in the most horrifying way possible.

    24. This horrifying hybrid:

    While it looks like this stuffed animal just got back from the salon, it's just borrowing some hair from its owner, who is cuddled up behind it.

    25. These artsy shadows:

    The shadows below each window sill make this building look like an architectural marvel.

    26. This two-for-one special:

    This ostrich is bent over, enjoying a snack on the ground. The antelope is just chilling in the back.

    27. This perfectly intact chair:

    The chair is fine! It's just inhabited by a black cat at the moment.

    28. This mysterious moose:

    I'll admit, I thought the moose's nose and mouth were a creepy puppet at first. But, no. Those are nostrils, not eyes!

    29. This convincing camouflage:

    There is an arm on the left side of the photo holding out a bottle. Their camo jacket just makes them blend in with the rocks.

    30. This vexing view:

    The shiny roofs of the buildings at the bottom of the image make it seem as though two different pictures are spliced together.

    31. This mythic mystery:

    We've got a woman in dark pants and a dog with dark fur here. This curious pup just happened to walk up at the perfect moment, making it seem as though its back legs and body are the woman's bottom half.

    32. This shady shadow:

    There are two cats in this picture, not one!

    33. This hand that's definitely not a foot:

    The person in red's left arm is bent inward. We are seeing the shin and foot of the person being carried.

    34. These nearly-invisible ankles:

    This person's socks are the same pattern as the floor.

    35. These not-so-miniature horses:

    These horses are minding their own business in their snowy field. It just so happens that they lined up with their fence perfectly!

    36. This longgg boy:

    The dog on the bottom left is looking up at the dog behind it, making the white fur from each pup blend into one long (fake) neck!

    37. This light post that isn't actually portable:

    The car has something hitched to the back that perfectly aligns with the light post it's driving towards.

    38. Finally, this grabby gull:

    The gull is much closer to the camera than the people. But wow, imagine trying to eat on the beach in front of this mega-gull.

    Okay, my brain needs a break. Check out r/confusing_perspective on Reddit for more wildly confusing images!

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