16 People Who Are Probably — No, DEFINITELY — Having A Much Worse Week Than You

    Absolutely cursed.

    1. This person who was just trying to transport a couch:

    The couch is stuck in a tree

    2. This unlucky unlocker:

    Half of a key broke off in the lock

    3. The person whose smoke detector caught fire:

    A charred circle surrounds a smoke detector on the ceiling

    4. The person who found this grasshopper leg in their frozen peas after finishing half the bag:

    5. This person who started defrosting their car, then came back to shattered glass:

    The rear window of their car is smashed in the middle

    6. This biker with a bee problem:

    A massive group of bees grouped together under a bike seat

    7. This ketchup klutz:

    A trail of ketchup runs along a kitchen floor

    8. These poor, poor paint-covered people:

    A huge tub of paint spilled in someone's trunk, and they're using their hands to try to scrape the paint back into the bucket

    9. The person who lost their leftovers:

    A bowl of chow mein spilled onto the floor

    10. This person who stepped in queso while in Crocs:

    Queso-covered footprints in an aisle of a grocery store

    11. This person who dropped their cologne:

    Someone dropped their cologne onto a glass sink, shattering both and covering the bathroom in shards of glass

    12. The person who had this kitchen catastrophe:

    A kitchen with a thick liquid leaking out of the bottom of the oven, and footprints all over the floor that match the color of the liquid

    13. This person whose whisk broke, sending flakes of metal and rust into their batter:

    14. This person who should've gotten takeout:

    A roast sitting in a baking dish that has broken down the middle, spilling some of the roast

    15. The person who set up their brand-new TV, only to find out the screen was broken:

    Half of the screen is covered with wavy lines of different colors

    16. Finally, this person whose hot chocolate came without chocolate:

    A hot chocolate cup that appears to simply be full of milk

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks