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    19 People Who Learned Of Their Partner's Infidelity In Cruel, Devastating Ways

    "My husband's mistress showed up at my front door with an envelope of proof."

    We recently shared a post about the humiliating ways people discovered their partner cheating. The comments quickly filled with even more stories of heartbreak, betrayal, and infidelity. Here are the most jaw-dropping ones we found:

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    1. "A few years ago, I had a double organ transplant. Six months later, I went into rejection. While I was in the hospital getting a massive dose of steroids to save my life, my ex-fiancé sat there on his phone, barely looked at me, and kept ignoring me. When I got home a few days later, I found his laptop open to a message from another woman. I asked him about it, and he screamed at me and told me that he'd been seeing her while at gaming sessions. He spent the next six months claiming to want a polyamorous relationship, but what he really wanted was for me to clean and cook for him while he went off to shag his mistress."

    "One day I said, 'She has a house. Please go live there.' It took him another six months to move. I realized after he left just how badly he had been treating me for years."


    2. "My husband’s mistress came to the front door and handed me an envelope with every text and photo, as well as the record of all the money he sent her. She also detailed how they met and the wild things they did. She also included a copy of the lab report proving he got her pregnant and the receipt proving she had an abortion. I’ve been battling infertility for six years."

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    3. "I went to take an ex lunch at work once, and when I went inside, I couldn't find him. I asked the manager where he was, and he said he was outside having a smoke break. I found him behind the building making out with a coworker. I threw the food and drink at them and ran TF out of there."

    —Serena Quihuis F., Facebook

    4. "We were together for over six years. He got HER pregnant. We tried to have kids, but thought we both had fertility issues. She had the balls to pull an ultimatum by saying she'd move back out of the country with his child if he didn't let her move into OUR HOUSE. They lived RENT/MORTGAGE FREE, ruining my credit because we agreed to foreclosure because we bought at the 2007 boom. When I asked for a little help with bills because I still had to pay rent at my apartment, I was told, 'I can't. I have a kid now. You wouldn't understand.' It was worth the life lesson and credit hit. I'm soooo much happier now."

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    —Zkris L., Facebook

    5. "Fun story. I found out my partner was cheating because he took my child on a date with him, and my child told me about the girl. Nice!!"

    —Kelly H., Facebook

    6. "Not long after getting married, my best friend at the time became homeless, so I convinced my partner to let her stay with us, as I didn't want anything to happen to her. They started to become friends, which I thought was great. Then, he started to come to bed later and later. My naive self didn't think anything of it. I ended up getting pregnant, and everything seemed great between us. Then, one weekend he went missing. His family didn't have a clue where he was, so we called the police. He had been gone all weekend when the police found him at my best friend's dad's house. He told the police to tell me that he wasn't coming back."

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    "Also, to add insult to injury, I ended up pregnant and homeless while they moved in together with their son, who is seven months younger than my son."

    —Chantelle F., Facebook

    7. "My ex-husband thought I had left the house, but I had just brought my boots inside from the hallway to put on real quick. I heard him on the phone in the bathroom tell another girl he loved her. I also found out he lost his job because he was caught making out with her at work after closing when her parents came to pick her up. She was 18, and he was 28."

    —Amber Leigh R., Facebook

    8. "My sister-in-law drunkenly broke down and told me that my (soon-to-be ex) wife had had sex with the stripper at her bachelorette party. She had been lying to me for seven years about a stripper even being there. She always told me she hated strippers. Once I confronted her, she was very apologetic and wanted me to forgive her since she 'never thought about it anymore,' and it had been so long ago. No thanks."

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    9. "I was in the process of buying a house for me, my ex, and her son. About a week from closing, she threw a huge fit saying she didn’t want to live in South Dakota and wanted to live in Texas. I backed out on the house and lost a bunch of money, so her dad said he would buy us a house in Texas and I could make payments to him, like a rent-to-own deal. We found a house, and the day after papers were signed, she kicked me out for being 'emotionally distant' and 'not giving her enough attention.' I was working normal days and taking care of her son on my off time! Come to find out she was cheating on me with a coworker and had planned on kicking me out, but knew her dad wouldn’t sign off on the house if I wasn’t around. Took me a long time to recover from that mental manipulation."

    —Myers B., Facebook

    10. "I work nights and don't get home until 3 a.m. One time, I got home, and my husband had fallen asleep to YouTube playing on his phone. Me, not being suspicious at all, tried waking him up, and he would not budge. I grabbed the phone to turn off YouTube, and when I looked at the screen, he left it open to text messages between him and a girl at his work dating back months and months. I had no idea, not even the smallest suspicion. It was like being punched in the gut. We were high school sweethearts who had been together 13 years and married for 2. He told me because I worked nights and he worked days (we had the same days off) that he was so lonely, and what else was he supposed to do? I only took the night shift because of the pay increase that he talked me into."

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    11. "A picture of my ex-husband was on the front of the local newspaper due to some work he did with a non-profit. I was showing a girl at work, and another girl walked up and said, 'Oh, I know that guy.' She said she had just seen him holding hands with some woman at a concert. He said it was his cousin. Fuck him."


    12. "I was suspicious of my ex toward the end of our relationship. I went into his email and saw that some girl he was friends with had sent him topless pics. I asked him, and he said he dared her to do it. That was just one incident of many."

    upset victoria pedretti

    13. "We were both logged into his Google account (while he was at his apartment) to edit his résumé together, and suddenly several chats popped up at the bottom of the window from other women he was talking to online while talking on the phone with me. I should've written them back right then and there. I checked the trash on his email at that point and saw responses to a Craigslist classified ad. We'd been together for over a year, and I was very involved with his life and family. It finally made sense where the restaurant gift card we'd gotten that Christmas that he 'lost' had actually gone. They were used on dates with other women."

    "And then, after I stupidly tried to work through it, I found out he was texting nudes to the 'cab company,' 'pizza places,' 'the bank'...aka decoys for the several other women in his phone."

    —Brianna H., Facebook

    14. "My ex-husband called me out of the blue to tell me my new husband was cheating. I didn't believe him until he had the woman (an acquaintance he met that night) send me all of the pictures and messages between them. They slept together on my couch. Then, he bought her OnlyFans a week after we got married. Thanks, bank statements."

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    15. "I found out my ex-fiancé was cheating when I went to post a joke status on his Facebook and saw message notifications from Plenty of Fish. Turned out he was seeing and/or talking to five other women and said I was his DAUGHTER. He has no kids. I kindly messaged the women to let them know who they were really talking to, and they were all really cool about it. After all, it wasn't their fault he lied."

    —Brittney C., Facebook

    16. "I’m as blind as a bat. I always have to wear contacts or glasses to function. At night I like to give my eyes a break, so I don't wear either and hang out in my fuzzy world while listening to TV or music. One evening, I was watching TV with my ex and got up to use the bathroom. He thought I got up to take my contact lenses off and give my eyes a break, but no, I actually wanted to see the TV. When I got back, he started texting another woman right in front of me, under the impression that I couldn’t see. I watched them go at it for over an hour. Nudes — disrespect and all. I didn’t want to make a scene because my mom was right there."

    crying sofia vergara

    —Kristin A., Facebook

    17. "I found out my husband was having an affair with my best friend when she jumped the gun and told her husband she was leaving him, so my husband woke me up to tell me the same. This was after I called them out and they gaslit me and made me feel like a shitty person for even thinking they’d do such a thing to me. Then, a week later, they both went and signed affidavits to have me committed in the hospital to get rid of me. But the hospital released me within 24 hours because once I explained that my cheating husband and his mistress signed the false affidavits, they let me go."

    "This was all just in time for me to make them all Thanksgiving dinner. I moved out within a month, and the divorce was finalized on the fifth anniversary of our wedding."

    —Olivia S., Facebook

    18. "I got a call from him at 3 a.m. 'I need help. Please come get me. I am on [street].' It's a big road, so I asked what part of the street, and he said, 'Just drive east from the highway. You'll see me.' I sure did see him when he stepped out from a side road in just his underwear after being chased away from his girlfriend's house (and his car) by her husband with a gun. I'm pretty sure they are married now. I cut off all contact years ago. I even put his various phone numbers in my contacts as 'NOPE.'"

    shocked william jackson harper


    19. Finally: "He went on a 'solo trip' to his family’s cabin in North Carolina for a week, and then posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook with his ex-girlfriend (who lived in Colorado) at the cabin, with a heart as the caption. We had been dating for nine months."

    —Megan B., Facebook

    My heart goes out to the folks who were betrayed by their loved ones. Cheating is NOT OK, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.