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    14 Screenshots Of Older People Who Created Unintentionally Hilarious Christmas Greetings

    They've certainly got the spirit!!

    1. This ominous post:

    merry christmas wishes with an article shared that says we'd only get 3 days notice if an asteroid were to hit

    2. This pressing question:

    was tesla celibate his whole life but once fell in love with a pigeon?

    3. This informative Christmas card:

    on oct 8th i had to have my left kidney removed written on the card

    4. This festive Google greeting:

    merry wishes wit a link for a google search of merry christtmas

    5. This post that had the spirit, just not the execution:

    message says merry christmas pictures

    6. This misplaced comment:

    somepne trying to write a bad review for a company abd then also leaving a comment underneath to wish their family merry christmas

    7. This direct call-out:

    someone calling out specific family members for not showing up for their christmas gathering

    8. This unclear response:

    someone sent a merry christmas text and the other person responded with jo jo johnson

    9. This comment that was probably meant for another post:

    someone leaving a merry christmas comment on a post about a woman almost dying in a tornado

    10. This overshare:

    merry christmas, isoble. home nursing a ear infection

    11. This unclear but grateful message:

    text message thanking someone for the christmas presents but with random phrases like green arrow inserted throughout

    12. This person not looking for a comment back:

    love everybody on earth please let there be peace signing off don't comment back

    13. These warm wishes under a meme:

    comment to please say happy christmas to the family left under text that reads napping is a date

    14. Finally, this seasonal soliloquy:

    someone going on a rant about it being christmas so even if you live by yourslef you should live and adopt a dog and that jesus is totally awesome

    H/T: r/oldpeoplefacebook