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    Apparently, These 34 Non-Sexual Actions Are Huuuge Turn-Ons For People, So Pay Attention

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the non-sexual things that they consider to be turn-ons. Here are the spicy results:

    1. "Hands — any kind of hands. They don’t even have to be veiny. I like long fingers. To me, that’s really hot."


    2. "When someone uses their teeth to tear tape or a package. Lordy..."


    3. "It's hot when someone knows how to chop veggies really fast and well."


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    4. "A professional speaking voice always gets me. I love sharp pronunciation and clear vocals. No matter how you look, if your voice sounds like it's straight from an insurance commercial, I'd lick your bum."


    5. "I love a guy who is charitable. Whether he gives time, his money, or both, it's a major turn-on!"


    6. "Hearing someone whisper 'fuck' under their breath. AHH!"


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    7. "People who love theater! It's a must for anyone I'm going to date, and it's a nice bonus with friends."


    8. "Hugs from behind where he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. That's so hot."


    9. "Morning voice!"


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    10. "It's such a turn-on when someone texts you to make sure you got home safely."


    11. "Someone who actually holds eye contact with you while speaking and genuinely looks interested in what you are saying."


    12. "It's such a turn-on when someone talks about something they’re passionate about. Their eyes light up and they get genuinely excited to share their knowledge. It gives me butterflies every time."


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    13. "Humor. There's nothing sexier than someone making me laugh."


    14. "For me, I'm always attracted to men with a strong sense of justice and an excellent moral compass. It's so sexy when someone shows compassion and will fight for justice."


    15. "Men in jogging pants, especially with the cuff at the end."


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    16. "When they run their hands through their hair."


    17. "Witty banter is such a turn-on. The sexual tension there is always astronomical."


    18. "It's so hot when someone readjusts their glasses in natural, 'not trying to be sexy' way."


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    19. "I love a really good smile. Hot damn, I will get all hot and tingly if someone has a really nice smile."


    20. "It's such a turn-on when people send you songs, memes, pictures, or anything that made them think of you."


    21. "Consistency is sexy. It's nice when people regularly show up for you when they say they will."


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    22. "Good singers. A good voice is a great turn-on."


    23. "It's attractive when someone laughs super hard, accidentally snorts, and then catches themselves in embarrassment."


    24. "A man eating an apple. Don't know why — just mmmmmm."


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    25. "I really love seeing someone be patient with kids, especially if it just comes naturally to them."


    26. "For some reason, I think it's kind of sexy to watch someone drive a stick shift car."


    27. "Wrists and forearms are such a turn-on, especially if someone touches MY wrists and forearms in a tender way."


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    28. "I love when someone knows what they want and they go for it. Not in an aggressive way, but in an assertive and positive way."


    29. "There is something so freakin' sexy about someone who has mastered an instrument and can play beautiful music."


    30. "Forehead kisses. There’s something so intimate about them. Even if I see someone else get one in public, I can’t get it out of my mind."


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    31. "It's so attractive when someone is laughing or smiling and their nose wrinkles."


    32. "Intelligence is sexy. Not the pushy kind of intelligence where a person tries to act superior, but the kind where someone is just casually knowledgable about something."


    33. "When a guy has good oral hygiene! It goes beyond just having a nice smile. It shows a level of attention and care that really appeals to me."


    34. Finally: "It's so hot when men drive in reverse and put their arm on the passenger seat headrest. Damn."


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    What's something non-sexual that really gets you going? Tell us in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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