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What Is Your Most Infuriating School Dress Code Experience?

If I hear the words "fingertip length" ONE MORE TIME...

Let's chat about dress code.

Dress codes can be problematic and exclusionary as hell. Students who are told they violate the dress code are often left feeling embarrassed, ostracized, and objectified.

I look back on my own experiences as a woman and shudder at the times I was sexualized and shamed for wearing things such as leggings, dresses, and tank tops.

Maybe you decided to wear a tank top and shorts one day because the school's AC was broken and you didn't want to sweat for seven hours. Perhaps this outfit choice was deemed too offensive by one of your teachers and you were asked to "cover up" with a sweatshirt they pulled from the lost and found box.

Maybe you and a group of your peers were lined up in front of your entire class and had each of your skirts measured. Perhaps your teacher sent a few of you to the principal's office for neglecting the "fingertip length" rule, causing you to miss a quiz.

I am already so heated! Head to the comments to share your infuriating dress code story. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!