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I Just Let Out A Silent Scream After Reading These Infuriating Messages From The World's Most Entitled People

OMG, chill.

1. This horrible harasser:

2. This fake friend:

3. This bizarre beggar:

4. This confusing computer user:

5. This truly disgusting and dishonest human being:

6. This bridezilla from HELL:

screenshot of text message
screenshot of text message
screenshot of text message

7. This person who made promises they couldn't keep:

8. This pretentious pool owner who can't spare a sip of water:

9. This fridge-less fiend:

10. This dangerous demander:

11. This entitled ex:

12. This scummy dummy:

13. This person who needs to climb off their high horse before someone knocks them off:

14. This audacious asker:

15. This person who actually needs to learn manners:

16. The forward freeloader:

17. This person who seems to have reached a breaking point:

18. This fed-up follower:

19. This holiday haggler:

20. This person who wants to have their cake and eat it, too:

21. This baffling brat:

22. This not-so-big spender:

23. This person who's really starting to get pissed off:

24. This grandma who probably isn't dying for a speaker:

25. This stingy little stinker:

26. This social media monster:

27. This person who wasn't getting the picture:

28. This mama with the drama:

29. Finally, this hopeful hacker:

As always, shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for filling me with unbridled rage!