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Let's Give A Resounding "BOOO!" To The 39 Most Entitled People Of 2021

Please don't bring this energy into 2022.

1. This repugnant roommate:

2. This person who wants a free SUV:

3. This vile person who ought to be ashamed of themself:

4. This crappy, corrupt cousin:

5. This adult who acted like a damn child:

6. This birthday beggar:

7. This disrespectful date:

8. This innovative beggar whose momma was in on the drama:

9. This beggar who is either bad at math or good at avoiding responsibilities:

10. This beggar who brought nothing but attitude:

11. This musician who takes their band seriously but hasn't finished the songs they want recorded:

12. This unbelievable bridezilla:

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13. This person who wants pictures AND payment:

14. This person with a ridiculous and BOLD request:

15. This client who got such a reality check:

16. This beggar who flipped the script sooo fast:

17. This confused customer:

18. This beggar looking for a highly specific babysitter, whom they will barely pay:

19. This parent who had a meltdown on Facebook because people wouldn't pay for her toddler to go to a rock concert:

20. This roommate who can only pay with "vibes":

21. The horrible people who made these wedding rules:

22. These picky pet owners:

23. This person who came prepared with a detailed excuse:

24. This person who calls themself a customer but doesn't want to pay:

25. This employer with unbelievable audacity:

26. This person who tried to play the God card:

27. This beggar who knows exactly what they're doing and doesn't see why it's wrong:

28. This DM doofus:

29. This partner who should probably get dumped:

30. This cruel customer who complained about free gifts:

31. This beggar who thinks you should "pay it forward" and buy them a $3,000 laptop:

32. This beggar who just doesn't know when to stop:

33. This beggar who is providing wristbands at their baby shower so they know who brought gifts:

34. This person who wants someone to deep-clean their house for FREE:

35. This person who wants a nice, free TV:

36. This fool who is giving away lumber...if you tear down this house first:

37. This person who wants to "exchange knowledge":

38. This beggar who ruined their own birthday:

39. Finally, this beggar who expects more but couldn't possibly pay for it:

Let's leave these r/ChoosingBeggars in 2021.

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