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    If There Was An Award For "Most Entitled Person Of The Month," It Would Go To All 23 Of These People

    "I need four professional code writers that can build a sophisticated app and social platform. Hard work for an extended amount of time (18-30 weeks), and no pay upfront or guarantee of outcome/pay. But, I can almost assure you it'd be worth it."

    1. This vexing vacationer:

    2. This wishlist maker:

    3. This nightmare roommate:

    4. This low-baller:

    5. This completely perplexing person:

    6. This hopeful horse lover:

    7. This whiner:

    8. This snarky beggar:

    9. This delusional employer:

    10. This person who expected a free delivery service:

    11. This Burning Man beggar:

    12. This lady looking to live lavishly:

    13. This RV "landlord" with a terribleee deal:

    14. This person who forgot you're supposed to pay people for their work:

    15. This picky mom in the market for a cheap Audi:

    16. This person looking for (female) volunteers:

    17. This person who doesn't want to properly pay for their massive request:

    19. This freeloader in search of a freelancer:

    20. This employer who will basically pay you in "feedback" and "exposure":

    21. This person who immediately launched into a sob story:

    22. This person who can't guarantee pay:

    23. Finally, this Facebook Marketplace fool:

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