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15 Wildly Baffling Screenshots From Mom Facebook Groups That My Brain Refuses To Comprehend

"I try not to show favoritism with my kids, but my god, I cannot help but love my little free birth baby in such a different way than the other three!"

1. This mom's suggestion for treating a kid's infected ingrown toenail:

The comment says "This will sound gross, but the bet and most natural thing you can put on it is fresh cow poop"

2. This mom whose questions probably prompted manyyy more questions:

The mom asks "Has anyone practiced urine therapy while pregnant or with the baby? Is it safe externally and internally?"

3. This mom who never should have taken her garlic out of the kitchen:

A mom with a long post freaking out about how she put a clove of garlic up her vagina and now can't get it back out

4. This mom who wants you to put a raw egg in a sock for no reason:

One mom asks for natural remedies for teething babies, and a response recommends putting a raw egg in a sock above the door frame of any room the baby sleeps in

5. This mom who thinks self-care is demonic:

A long rant from a mother who says she saw a Barbie doll that teaches yoga and guided meditation to children and calls it "the demonic agenda against our children"

6. This mom with a unique birthing plan:

Someone asks if anyone is familiar with "dolphin assisted births," and another person responds that they're really expensive but produce more intelligent children

7. This mom who thinks people should just stare into the sun:

A mom says we all need to stay away from sunglasses because your eyes need sunlight and glasses trick your body into thinking you're indoors

8. This mom with some blatant favoritism:

A mom talking at length about why her most recent child is her favorite of her four kids because he was free birth and he's so happy and also the only one who's unvaccinated

9. This mom who should see a doctor:

Person wondering how long it takes for coconut oil they've "been putting up there 3 days now" for a terrible pregnancy yeast infection to work, and others recommend boric acid suppositories or a borax bath

10. This wannabe stage mom:

Mom asks for recommendations for legit modeling websites in Florida for her 2-month-old, who is "definitely a little shooting star"

11. This stepmom who is proud of her cruel, petty ways:

She and her boyfriend have his 6-month-old daughter for the weekend, and they're not returning her to her mom because she asked the BF for child support (the woman says her kids s/b the BF's priority), so for financial reasons, they should get custody

12. This mom who shared her 19-year-old daughter's business with 30,000 people online:

VERY long post about how her daughter lost her virginity the night before and how happy she is her daughter chose to share her experience with her; they had a long talk about birth control and how the daughter met him on a dating site and other things

13. This mom who doesn't seem to realize she's naming a human, not a cartoon character:

Her baby boy will have her boyfriend's last name, Lyons, and they want to name him Simba, but her mom says he'll be made fun of

14. This mom who can't believe her baby acted like a baby:

Disappointed and surprised mom vents about feeling like a failure because they took their 7 1/2-month-old to a restaurant for the first time and he was fussy, didn't want to sit in the high chair, and tried to grab things on the table and drop them

15. Finally, this mom who thinks she has a sacred birthday:

Before marriage, she told her hubby she didn't want their kids to be born near her birthday because she wanted him to spend all his money on her gifts, but their twins were born 9 days after her bday: "Our kids are sooo lucky they're amazing! lol"

H/T: r/ShitMomGroupsSay.