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    19 People Who Are So Unaware Of Their Own Entitlement

    "Can someone do it for free?"

    1. This person who isn't gonna pay rent, but will make up for it with their "cool vibe":

    2. This brutal bridezilla: 

    3. This person who really thought they came up with a perfect plan: 

    4. This person who really complained about receiving free stuff:

    5. This person with a laughable request:

    6. This person who just really wants a free chair:

    7. This person whose words came back to haunt them:

    8. This person who wanted a cross-country delivery for free:

    9. This person who clearly underpays their babysitters:

    10. This person who decided they wanted their old job back:

    11. This person who definitely thinks people would be honored to read their genius work: 

    12. This person who just doesn't know how to compensate a Pulitzer nominee: 

    13. This person who demanded a salary for taking care of their own kids: 

    14. This person who wanted money AND a free service: 

    15. This person who lashed out after not getting their way:

    16. This person who wasn't ready to lose their ex's Netflix:

    17. This person who wants you to show them some sympathy after installing a brand-new pool:

    18. This person who had the audacity to complain about something they stole:

    19. And, this person who doesn't understand that hard work deserves compensation: 

    Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for making my blood boil!