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    19 People Who Are So Unaware Of Their Own Entitlement

    "Can someone do it for free?"

    1. This person who isn't gonna pay rent, but will make up for it with their "cool vibe":

    Male seeking new housemates for free but makes it up with ‘fun cool vibes’. from ChoosingBeggars

    2. This brutal bridezilla:

    I've officially dropped out of the bridal party. I'm a size 12 with no plans on dropping to a size 8 by December. from ChoosingBeggars

    3. This person who really thought they came up with a perfect plan:

    Removing plastic drops $200 off. Seems legit. from ChoosingBeggars

    4. This person who really complained about receiving free stuff:

    Trying to exchange something you didn’t even pay for from ChoosingBeggars

    5. This person with a laughable request:

    Imagine.... from ChoosingBeggars

    6. This person who just really wants a free chair:

    Man threatens guy selling chair, claiming he has a sick son and needs it for free from ChoosingBeggars

    7. This person whose words came back to haunt them:

    Haha as if 🖐🏻😂 from ChoosingBeggars

    8. This person who wanted a cross-country delivery for free:

    Local selling, but am the 'asswhole' for it from ChoosingBeggars

    9. This person who clearly underpays their babysitters:

    I’ll pay what and when I want. from ChoosingBeggars

    10. This person who decided they wanted their old job back:

    CB wants her sister's job she left over 6 months ago from ChoosingBeggars

    11. This person who definitely thinks people would be honored to read their genius work:

    Please proofread his masters thesis... in four days... for free... from ChoosingBeggars

    12. This person who just doesn't know how to compensate a Pulitzer nominee:

    My dads a photographer, this is his most recent client. from ChoosingBeggars

    13. This person who demanded a salary for taking care of their own kids:

    Thinking you deserve a full salary for babysitting your own kids while they do schoolwork. from ChoosingBeggars

    14. This person who wanted money AND a free service:

    Reverse employment. from ChoosingBeggars

    15. This person who lashed out after not getting their way:

    That's low blow dude from ChoosingBeggars

    16. This person who wasn't ready to lose their ex's Netflix:

    My ex that I haven’t talked to in 6 months had to audacity to ask to renew MY Netflix account so she can use it from ChoosingBeggars

    17. This person who wants you to show them some sympathy after installing a brand-new pool:

    She wants a discount in exchange for a bottle of water (tap water, that is) from ChoosingBeggars

    18. This person who had the audacity to complain about something they stole:

    Came home and this note was taped to my door. Time to install security cams I guess from ChoosingBeggars

    19. And, this person who doesn't understand that hard work deserves compensation:

    Wow this is just wrong! from ChoosingBeggars

    Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for making my blood boil!

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