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I'm Silently Screaming At These 33 Men Who Are Infuriatingly Misinformed About Basic Female Anatomy

No, we don't need our uteruses to pee.

1. This lad who is quite concerned about pads: 

2. This uterus expert:

3. This vulva denier: 

4. This person who is about the learn about a third hole: 

5. These double dummies: 

6. This guy who's in for a shock:

7. This person who probably failed biology class:

8. This misinformed mansplainer: 

9. This guy who is about to get a quick sex-ed lesson:

10. This person who has clearly been hurt before:

11. The guy who thought boob size was somehow related to sexual orientation:

12. This man who is wrong but also kinda right?:

13. This guy who thinks he gets it:

14. This self-proclaimed sexpert: 

15. This discharge doofus: 

16. This guy who doesn't understand body hair:

17. This man who just got his mind blown: 

18. This misinformed milkman: 

19. This boob who doesn't understand boobs: 

20. This guy who thought his dick was special: 

21. This guy who sounds like the broken one to me:

22. This guy who is disgusted by the fact that women are...animals:

23. This fool who really thought pap smears were fun:

24. This guy who basically told the world he's never had sex:

25. This werewolf worrier:

26. This science teacher who sounds super unqualified:

27. This guy who had a breakthrough:

28. This guy who didn't understand what a yeast infection was: 

29. This fella who fell for this incredible joke: 

30. This person who thinks they are...the cherry police?:

31. This adult man who thought condoms and tampons were the same thing:

32. This person who doesn't want to get sprayed by period blood:

33. Finally, this guy who knows all about "femails":

We need better sex education, and STAT. Shoutout to r/badwomensanatomy for making me laugh, cry, and absolutely seethe with rage. AAAHHHHHH.