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Never In My Life Would I Have The Patience To Deal With These Disrespectful, Entitled Kids

Shame on all of you!

1. This kid who doesn't understand money or priorities: 

2. This kid who got the worst present ever, ugh:

3. This demon who despises Disney:

4. This MacBook menace: 

5. This kid who is too arrogant for his AirPods: 

6. This devastated deviant: 

7. This mom who defended her bratty kid: 

8. This birthday beggar: 

9. This sinister son: 

10. This revenge-seeker: 

11. This ungrateful gamer: 

12. This frantic Facebooker with a demanding daughter:

13. This entitled kid who comes from entitled parents: 

14. This poor, poor child: 

15. This lazy kid looking for a legal way out: 

16. This kid who tried to dredge up the past:

17. This overzealous car shopper: 

18. This kid who demanded a new car: 

19. This selfish brat: 

20. This stubborn little snot:

21. This cranky kid: 

22. This disheartened kid who is forced to eat pizza: 

23. Finally, this kid who wants his refund now:

Shoutout to r/spoiledkids, r/entitledkids, r/iamatotalpieceofshit, and r/ChoosingBeggars for basically acting as free birth control!