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    21 Completely Bonkers Home Design Choices That Don't Make A Bit Of Sense

    I want to have a word with the builders and contractors who approved of these designs.

    1. This terrifying bed placement:

    An elevated bed resting over a staircase

    2. These nightmare stairs:

    Spiral stairs

    3. This support beam that couldn't possibly be more inconvenient:

    A leaning support beam

    4. This security door that's basically a ladder:

    A ladder-like security door

    5. This decorative toilet seat that is actually quite disturbing:

    A see-through toilet seat

    6. These confusing columns:

    Columns placed close together

    7. This yucky bathroom carpeting:

    Green carpet in a bathroom

    8. This dramatic sink that just had to stand out:

    A sink sticking out in a kitchen

    9. This doorless bathroom:

    A bathroom with no doors

    10. This hidden dishwasher design:

    A dishwasher in the corner

    11. This four-poster, carpeted tub:

    A tub with posts

    12. This perfectly placed drawer:

    A drawer directly under a countertop

    13. This kitchen that seemingly fades away:

    A kitchen that goes into a point

    14. This crusty, carpeted kitchen:

    Carpet in a kitchen

    15. This stairway setup that makes absolutely no sense:

    Stairs directly in front of a door

    16. This staircase that just doesn't fit:

    Stairs with two sizes

    17. This Manhattan apartment kitchen that is still considered prime real estate:

    A tiny kitchen with the stove blocking the cabinets

    18. This bathroom with a grand entrance:

    A staircase leading to a bathroom

    19. These ankle-twisting stairs:

    Different stairs coming into one

    20. This bashful light switch:

    A light switch blocked by a railing

    21. And finally, this porcelain throne:

    A toilet elevated on a platform

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