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    37 Hysterical Knock-Off Halloween Costumes That Are So Bad, They Might Actually Be Brilliant

    Forget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This year, I want to dress up as a Pubescent Frog of Silent War.

    1. This absolutely haunting Sven:

    off brand reindeer costume

    2. This refreshing White Clam:

    knock off white claw can costume

    3. This pubescent frog of silent war:

    off brand teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

    4. This evil midweek cutie:

    off brand wednesday addams costume

    5. This horrific Sponge Baby:

    creepy off brand spongebob costume

    6. This bossy Salem sister:

    off brand hocus pocus costume

    7. And this goofy Salem sister:

    off brand hocus pocus costume

    8. This cyber pan/padre:

    off brand priest costume with small sunglasses

    9. This AQUAHERO:

    off brand aquaman costume

    10. And, AQUAHERO's counterpart, AQUA WALKER:

    11. This blue speed mouse:

    off brand sonic the hedgehog mask

    12. This punny nightmare:

    knock off aladdin costume

    13. This spiked tea:

    off brand costume of a spiked twisted tea can

    14. This totally normal and not suspicious blue gnome father:

    off brand papa smurf costume

    15. This fantastic magician boy (who could totally be from any franchise):

    off brand harry potter costume

    16. This plumber guy:

    knock off mario costume

    17. And this green Italian plumber:

    off brand luigi costume

    18. And, of course, bad plumber's mate:

    off brand wario costume

    19. This juice demon:

    knock off beetlejuice costume

    20. This girl named Carley:

    off brand wig for harley quinn costume

    21. These normal looking chinchillas:

    off brand pikachu onesies

    22. This chocolate MMMMM:

    off brand M&M candy costume

    23. This Minegame that's playing some mind games:

    off brand minecraft costume

    24. This cat with hat:

    knock off cat in the hat costume

    25. This kill lady who you do NOT wanna mess with:

    off brand kill bill costume

    26. This picture-perfect burger fam:

    knock off bob's burgers family costume

    27. This iconic purple artist:

    knock off Prince halloween costume

    28. This heroic web slinger boy:

    29. This wig to wear for "unusual events":

    off brand wig for stranger things

    30. This nondescript and absolutely horrific clown guy:

    off brand creepy clown costume

    31. This dorky teen:

    32. This messy mystery man:

    33. This creepy husband:

    this off brand gomez addams costume

    34. This wig for men's trekking:

    off brand star trek wig for men with pointy ears

    35. This lost girl:

    knock off where's waldo costume for girls

    36. This metal hero:

    knock off iron man costume for a little kid

    37. Finally, this poor factory worker girl:

    off brand oompa loompa costume for kids

    H/T: r/crappyoffbrands