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    16 Times Grandpas Were Unintentionally The Funniest People On Earth

    If there's one thing grandpa's gonna do, it's speak his mind on Facebook.

    1. This grandpa who appreciates good music:

    Elton John crodode rock

    2. This grandpa who probably meant to use Google:

    The grandpa wrote on messenger just the word "Porn"

    3. This grandpa who had too much fun on Facebook:

    Grandpa posts a link with a picture of a purple thong. Grandma replies NO

    4. This enthusiastic grandpa:

    A photo of a newborn is shared in a group chat. Grandpa replies "ok"

    5. This grandpa who doesn't tolerate sinners:

    Someone says Hi, Good picture. Grandpa replies, Lying is a sin you know

    6. This grandpa who tells it like it is:

    Grandpa says, I like your status because you wrote it and that is cool because I can remember when you could not write, you have grown up well and that I like

    7. This grandpa who really loves his dentist:

    Grandpa sends Thanks for all you have done for the family...three times in a row

    8. This grandpa who is fed up with Mark Zuckerberg:

    Grandpa complaining about a lack of privacy, while also checking in to Hurricane Irma

    9. This grandpa whose heart was in the right place:

    Grandpa sends a photo of an iPhone, saying they left it there

    10. This grandpa who had to deal with "goggle" hackers:

    11. This brutally honest grandpa:

    Grandpa says he needs a selfie. A selfie from a doctor's office is sent. Grandpa says, Thanks, nothing better?

    12. This happy grandpa:

    Grandpa sends a message that says Hi I am happy, followed by a really large gap

    13. This grandpa who swears he deleted his Facebook years ago:

    Grandpa's Facebook status says Delete Facebook account

    14. This grandpa who was learning to text:

    Grandpa incorrectly sends a greeting with the wrong name a few times

    15. This grandpa who didn't sugarcoat anything:

    The question says How old will you by 2060? Grandpa replies, Dead

    16. And finally, this grandpa who just wanted some soup:

    Grandpa posts the words potato soup. Grandma replies, what about potato soup

    H/T: r/oldpeoplefacebook