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    I Can't Stop Laughing At These Chaotic Christmas Food Fails

    Not everyone was born to host for the holidays, and that's okay!

    1. This terrifying teddy bear turkey:

    raw turkey shaped into a teddy bear

    2. These "candle" Christmas cookies:

    they look like dicks

    3. This marzipan baby Jesus:

    naked looking baby

    4. This freaky Frosty:

    A snowman made out of frosting

    5. These cheesecake anuses:

    Deflated cupcakes

    6. This Christmas pudding:

    looks like poop in a cloth

    7. These cookies that didn't turn out as planned:

    Christmas cookies

    8. This chicken cutlet Christmas tree:

    A Christmas tree made of chicken cutlets

    9. This Christmas creature:

    caterpillar-like shaped snack

    10. These happy, albeit crappy, desserts:

    Christmas desserts

    11. This Christmas morning waffle:

    A burnt waffle

    12. These festively dyed deviled eggs:

    green deviled eggs

    13. These Christmas candles:

    Bananas made to look like candles surrounded by jello

    14. This *shrimply* strange tree:

    A small Christmas food tree covered in shrimp

    15. This ramen house:

    dried ramen made into a house glued together by peanut butter with hot sauce to draw the doors and windows

    16. This meaty nativity:

    A meat Nativity scene

    17. This kid's creative Christmas cookie:

    A Christmas cookie with broccoli on top

    18. This Christmas stocking pancake:

    A pancake shaped like a penis

    19. This scary Santa bread:

    Bread shaped like Santa Claus

    20. This pizza snowman:

    Pizza shaped like a snowman

    21. This charred Christmas cheesecake:

    A burnt cheesecake

    22. And, this existential gingerbread person/angel/???:

    Gingerbread man

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn