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    21 Infuriating Boyfriends And Girlfriends Who Lived Chaotically And Without A Care In The World

    I just don't understand.

    1. This boyfriend who took a nap while cooking:

    Burnt food

    2. This girlfriend who could've just used a coaster:

    A drink on a laptop

    3. This boyfriend who "didn't finish the bag" so he wouldn't have to buy a replacement:

    Chips at the bottom of a bag

    4. This girlfriend who ate the chocolate chips out of the cookies:

    Cookies without chocolate chips

    5. This boyfriend who needs to learn how to clean up his own messes:

    A trash overflowing with recyclables

    6. This girlfriend who is incapable of finishing a bottle of ketchup:

    a bunch of unfinished ketchup bottles

    7. This boyfriend who hung the clock up:

    A clock hung poorly

    8. This girlfriend who "cut" the potatoes in half by biting them:

    Bitten potatoes in a skillet

    9. This boyfriend who really restocked the toilet paper:

    A lot of rolls of toilet paper

    10. This girlfriend with a unique way of eating pizza:

    A pizza folded and bitten

    11. This boyfriend who did the dishes, but left the sink a nasty mess:

    A dirty sink

    12. This girlfriend who could just throw the shells away:

    Egg shells in a carton of eggs

    13. This boyfriend who didn't care to hang his towel on the designated towel hook:

    A towel hanging on a door

    14. This girlfriend who apparently prefers the center bit of a cheesecake:

    A cheesecake with a hole in the middle

    15. This boyfriend who just couldn't quite reach the soap dish:

    Soap next to a soap dish

    16. This girlfriend who only made things more complicated for herself and everyone else:

    Two rolls of toilet paper on one hook

    17. This boyfriend who was conveniently at work when his partner found his freezer failure:

    A broken bottle in the freezer

    18. This girlfriend who can't be trusted to load the dishwasher:

    A dishwasher loaded poorly

    19. This boyfriend who left a hairy mess right after his partner cleaned the bathroom:

    Hair in the sink

    20. This girlfriend who doesn't have a care in the world:

    A laptop on a bathroom counter

    21. Finally, this boyfriend who "refilled" the dish soap:

    Dish soap

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating