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    If You Feel Like Getting Mad Today, Here Are 21 Entitled Family Members Who Need A Lesson In Manners

    "My dad faked a medical emergency to avoid getting arrested."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time when they witnessed a family member acting entitled. Turns out this is quiteee the universal experience, because we received even more comments about family members going rogue. Here are some more stories that reek of entitlement:

    1. "When my brother was born (I was 13), I had to babysit him anytime my dad and stepmom demanded. They 'paid' me $5 an hour, but it went on a 'tab' they had been keeping for what it cost to raise me — school supplies, lunch money, gym uniforms, basketball shoes, etc. They kept a tally, and each month they'd calculate how many hours they'd made me babysit, multiply it by five, and deduct from the running tab. Then, when I graduated college, they gave me a bouquet of carnations and said they were going to 'rip up my tab.' By the way, they did not pay for my college."

    "We aren't very close these days. My dad seems to be trying to atone, but he'll never admit how awful he was and how awful he allowed and empowered my stepmom to be to me."


    2. "My dad got into an argument with the staff of a pub we were at for a family meal. I was about 16 at the time, my sister 13, and my cousins were 20 and 21. We'd had a good fight, and that included my dad. He drank too much as usual, tried to take some Newcastle Brown home with him, and got into an argument. He went with his standard response to avoid getting arrested: faking an epileptic seizure. He did this a lot, and it sometimes worked (he does have epilepsy), but during his 'fit,' he broke a mirror, and the pub called the police."

    "My sister and I just legged it with our nan and left them to deal with the police, who passed us as we were walking to the nearest bus stop. I don't recall the outcome to be honest. I'm 40 now, but I've been with him when he's almost been arrested a few times over the years. My mum says he's always done it."


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    3. "My mother and sister visited me recently. I'm disabled and housebound, so I have to hire a wheelchair to go out. I try to accommodate their needs as best I can, but nothing I ever do is good enough. My mother says that the food I buy is disgusting, then proceeds to eat all of it anyway and demands that I order takeaway for her. The sofa bed I bought for her isn't good enough. She thinks I'm faking my nerve damage. She has to be the center of attention. She left within 24 hours of arriving just go to a TK Maxx somewhere. But the thing that pisses me off the most is that she REFUSES to ever wash her hands. She will literally scream at me for politely asking, in my house, where she is a guest."


    4. "My mom was always rude to retail workers and staff. Once my siblings and I got older, we started loudly apologizing for her to people she was being rude to. I remember once about eight years ago, I was moving out in two days and tired of her shit. We each had to get stuff from Walmart, so we went together. She demanded to talk to the manager (I don't even remember what for), and once the manager was brought over and asked what was wrong, I interrupted her and told him, 'Nothing! My mom is entitled, and your employee was great and did nothing wrong.'"

    "She was SO mad. She kept bringing it up for a while after, and every time she said I embarrassed her, I told her that she was embarrassing me for acting that way. I don't know if she's still rude. I don't really shop with her anymore. But I have a small hope that she's gotten better after my siblings, and I had to consistently apologize for her."


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    5. "As a kid, my mom would belittle my dad if he chose to buy a generic brand of anything, and she'd refuse to use it. Laundry detergent, dish soap, you name it. She would act like it was beneath her and demand he buy a name brand item for her and use the generic for himself. It was embarrassing to witness and taught me how NOT to act as an adult/spouse."


    6. "I have an aunt who we love, but we cannot stand for more than a few minutes at a time. We're a big family and love to have gatherings and eat. There have been times when we don't invite this aunt, but somehow she finds out and shows up anyway. I kid you not: She shows up with Tupperware and baggies, loads up her plate and her kids' plates with food, then whatever they don't eat, she throws in the bowls. When the food is not to her liking, she will complain about it to anyone in her proximity, all while loading up her Tupperware. And for the cherry on top: She will tell you that the get-together was terrible and did not have enough of the things she likes."


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    7. "My mother did something horrendous! My stepfather's funeral services were prepaid prior to his passing, which was known by all seven of his blended children. My mother, unaware we all knew this, insisted on a $2,500 contribution from EACH to cover services. Mortifying!"


    8. "My mother-in-law is literally the worst. She called my husband and I on a Friday evening around 5:30 and said she wanted to grab dinner at this popular restaurant in town that is near my house at 7:00. My husband and I go in frequently, and we are very friendly with the staff. My mother-in-law, however, firmly believes that because she's been going there a few times a year for a long time, she owns the place. We told her we wouldn't get in, but she insisted it would be fine. We got there at 7:00, and her and my father-in-law strolled in around 8:00, and she immediately got upset that we were still waiting."

    "I told her that the place won't seat a party until everyone arrives, plus it was slammed with an hour wait. Half an hour later, after she threw her fit, the manager sat us, and the entire restaurant watched. It was humiliating, and I have the rest of my life to look forward to with this."


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    9. "I was adopted and constantly told 'what I owed' for it. My adopters told me they could do whatever they wanted to me because they owned me. Bastards. The lectures about selfishness were constant. They should have given their lectures to the mirror. They thought their 'proven goodness' should have upped them on the social scale and in their church. They played the 'these are our two little adopted girls' card everywhere they went."


    10. "My parents kicked me out of the house at 16, and I lived on my own until 18 when I joined the Marines. It's honestly the best thing to ever happen to me because they're horrible people. As soon as I graduated, I found out my mother was using me to get a military discount and to talk herself up to her friends. I asked her to stop, and she called me a horrible child and said I didn’t love her. This was also maybe the second time we had talked in two years. She then immediately told me not to file my taxes so they can claim me as a dependent and keep the money."


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    11. "My dad is very anti-vaxx, anti-mask, and anti-gun control — all of which I very much disagree with. He had a doctor's appointment about a month ago for his heart and threw a fucking fit about having to wear a mask AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE. All because he’s had COVID so he’s 'immune' (his words, not mine). So, he straight-up didn’t go to his important appointment because of a mask policy at a doctor's office. Of all places to wear a mask, it should probably be there."

    "Oh, and right after things had opened back up a bit in the beginning of the pandemic, he came into my work and caused a scene about wearing a mask. He even went so far as to say that I worked there, so he shouldn't be forced to wear a mask. It was incredibly embarrassing."


    12. "My paternal grandmother told me I was wrong for being angry when I found out my father lied to me about paying for half of my college education because, and I quote, ‘He has his sons to think about.’ What the fuck?!"


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    13. "My sister and I were in a car accident. She was driving, and I was a passenger. We had a green turning arrow and an oncoming vehicle ran a red light. My knee hit the dashboard and I broke it. She was found not at fault (NY is a no-fault state, just to be clear). I had to do physical therapy three times a week for a year to rehabilitate my knee. I sued the company of the driver since it was a business vehicle because a broken bone entitles you to money. In order to do so, I had to sue her insurer, and she was pissed and took it personally. Years later, she called me out of the blue to ask if I could co-sign a $40K school loan for her. No way — not after how she treated me."


    14. "My mother expected me to wear her wedding dress for my own wedding. This expectation was never brought up or mentioned during any point in my childhood, but as soon as I wanted to start shopping for wedding dresses after I got engaged, she pulled it out of her closet and made me try it on. My mother got married in 1980 and tried to have the dress sealed and preserved, but there were stains on it when I tried it on. She suggested I could alter it to something more to my taste. I told her no thank you, and my sister (also my maid of honor) told her she was being selfish."


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    15. "My grandfather will shake his empty cup of ice at a server to indicate he wants a refill, and he openly examines his silverware and dishes and will demand a new set if something doesn’t pass his inspection."


    16. "Just a couple hours ago, my mom said to me, 'You think you're always right because you're smart, but I have opinions, and those are more important than your facts.' I'm not going to argue the validity of her opinions — they are her own — but when there's something I 'feel strongly' about, I always try to learn more about it and combine it with empirical information. I was trying so hard to be neutral as she went on for half an hour, spouting off information that was so factually incorrect and cringeworthy, while arguing with me that I don't know everything. Of course I don't know everything, but even if facts prove my point, I'm still wrong and she's right. I've learned to deal with this as an adult, but as a kid and teen, it really messed up my notions of validity."


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    17. "My parents have a ‘traditional’ marriage (meaning my mom does all the cooking, cleaning, etc. while my dad sits around). My mom told my sister and me that our dad will only thank her for dinner when we are around. She has tried to leave him several times, but he keeps saying he’ll change (and that lasts for a day or two). I feel really bad for my mom."


    18. "One time my mom got a damaged package in the mail. She called the company to figure out what to do, and they told her to ship it back and then they would refund her. Simple, but she wasn’t happy with the solution and proceeded to yell really horrible things at the person. I wanted to call back and apologize. If you’re that worker, I’m sorry my mom did that."


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    19. "Many years ago, while my husband and I were dating, his mother passed away from cancer. His sister had quit her job to go back to school, so she lived at home and took care of their mom before she was hospitalized. Before their mom passed, she was in a coma-like state, which the doctors said she could remain in indefinitely. Since it was over the holidays, my husband and I took a quick trip out west to visit my parents. We got back, and his mom passed the next day. I know everyone grieves differently, but his sister chose to completely ignore my husband, her own brother, for a year. She completely ghosted him. We’d go out to dinner with their dad and she wouldn’t even talk to us — acting as though we didn’t exist. I remember once their dad ordered a bottle of wine for the table, and after pouring everyone a glass, the server left the bottle by my plate. She told her dad to please put the wine by her because she wouldn’t want anyone (meaning me) to think it was all for them."

    "A year went by, and she called him up one day to ask if he was ever going to call her. She never apologized for ignoring him for a year. Even now, almost 20 years later, she barely calls or makes an effort to see him, yet she’ll post on Facebook about how much her brother means to her. I know how much this hurts my husband, but I have to sit and say nothing."


    20. "My mother would open packages of underwear, pajamas, etc. to check the sizes. When she found the size she wanted, she'd purchase an unopened package."


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    21. Finally: "When my husband and I set boundaries with his parents, they called us ungrateful. They tried using 'honor thy father and mother' as a way of saying we’re not allowed to set boundaries or give them consequences for overstepping our boundaries. They think because they’re older than us and raised my husband, they’re allowed to do whatever they want to us."


    Aaaggghhhhkjksldlsjkf. It reeks of entitlement in here. If you've ever been embarrassed or frustrated by the entitlement by someone in your life, tell us your story! Let's commiserate!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.