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    16 Netflix Leeches Who Will Do Anything But Pay For Their Own Subscription

    "I think you should give it to me because I said please."

    1. This perplexing poop head 💩:

    2. This ex who reappeared with an important question:

    3. This person who wants to know "y u so mean":

    u/AruoraOkami / Via

    4. This bitter beggar:

    5. This person who wants to pay in exposure:

    6. This person who'd rather pay to move than pay for their own account:

    7. This cranky cousin:

    text screenshot of someone mad they can't get free netflix
    u/69theenvironmnet / Via

    8. This person who just doesn't understand 😤:

    u/pwaconnects / Via

    9. This freeloading former roommate:

    10. This friend of an ex with some ridiculous expectations:

    u/The_Duff / Via

    11. This persistent sister:

    12. This person who said please 🙏:

    13. This person who apparently thinks sharing is caring:

    14. This person who probably annoys their aunt:

    someone complaining their aunt won't pay for their netflix
    u/WillieSpaz / Via

    15. This person offering a totally awesome deal:

    16. Finally, this person who is stealing from someone but they can't remember whom:

    Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for filling me with rage every damn day!

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