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    I Feel So Terrible For The Artists And Creatives Who Had To Respond To These Rude, Entitled Messages

    "There's no need for me to pay you."

    1. This crappy client who thought exposure counted as payment:

    2. This fool who got flamed in the comments:

    3. This belligerent beggar:

    4. This person who is not good at negotiating:

    5. This bold brand that didn't come to barter:

    6. This beggar who tried to bring Ed Sheeran into the mix:

    7. This ignorant influencer:

    8. This person who doesn't understand how watermarks work:

    9. This person who really missed the point:

    twitter screenshot

    10. This confused company:

    11. This practice dummy who was acting like a dummy:

    12. This picky person who couldn't pay:

    13. This person with nothing but excuses:

    text screenshot
    text screenshot

    14. This filmmaker looking for nothing but free, free, free talent:

    15. This employer with some nerve:

    16. This beggar with a list of demands:

    17. This pushy person who got owned:

    18. This musician who, strangely enough, doesn't support other musicians:

    19. This person who presented the worst deal I've ever seen:

    20. This person who thinks they're entitled to all the free art:

    21. This person who wasn't up for doing the bare minimum:

    22. This person who claims they'll pay, but I highly doubt it:

    23. This picky person who was making no promises:

    24. This person with a peculiar proposition:

    25. Finally, the person who made this wild assumption:

    twitter screenshot

    Shout out to r/ChoosingBeggars for always filling me with unbridled rage!

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