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    13 Screenshots That Reek Of Selfishness And Pure Entitlement

    "Please send me money. Anything helps (preferably a donation of $20 ❤️)."

    1. This "boss babe" who had a meltdown on Facebook:

    2. This entitled employer:

    3. This mom of six looking for a free spring break:

    4. These irresponsible parents who want their life choices funded by people on the internet:

    5. This parent who has no idea how expensive childcare is:

    6. This person in the market for a new TV:

    7. This person looking to furnish their house for free:

    8. This problematic pet parent who will pay you $5 to check on their cats twice a day:

    9. This wannabe influencer trying to get free food:

    10. This underpaying parent:

    11. This parent with a lengthy wishlist for their kid's birthday:

    12. This person who doesn't seem ready to be a pet parent:

    13. Finally, this person who has no intention of paying people for their hard work:

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars