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    29 Of The Most Selfish, Unaware People To Ever Grace The Internet

    It reeks of privilege in here.

    1. This exemplary employee:

    "Any leads are helpful"

    2. These people looking for a free festival weekend:

    "Anything is appreciated as long as it's over a $25 donation"

    3. This person who publicly begged for free birthday gifts:

    "Today I'd like to get my hair done for free, make-up done, manicure and pedicure be pampered..."

    4. This person who wants YOU to pay to remove a tree from THEIR property:

    "make me an offer I can't refuse"

    5. This person who complained in a public forum and got their butt handed to them:

    "Hazel we saved you $135 from putting a part on your car..."

    6. This Marine who doesn't need your luck OR your discount:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    7. This person who can't believe young people won't work for free anymore:


    8. This parent with a rather hefty wishlist for their kid's 12th birthday:

    A list of desired gifts for their daughter's 12th birthday

    9. This prospective pet owner with quite the wishlist:

    "We prefer a boy."

    10. This totally reasonable tenant:

    "No partiers, drug addicts or liars."

    11. This high-maintenance potential partner:

    "If you date me MY BILLS ARE A PACKAGE DEAL!"

    12. This person who just kept asking for more:

    Screenshot of a text conversation

    13. This darling dating app user who is looking for free labor, not love:

    "we don't want anything else from you"

    14. This person looking for a free, fairly new car:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    15. This manipulative mom looking for free childcare:

    "This would be an unpaid position and needed however often someone is willing"

    16. This person who came ready to barter:

    "no i need $385 for my kids braces"

    17. This unnecessarily petty person:

    "It's listed as the price."

    18. This person who will pay you in plants, but definitely not money:

    "You will be paid in onions/shallots/garlic"

    19. This person who wants a free car, but not just anyyyy car:

    "Does anyone have a car they can part with?"

    20. These parents with unbelievably high expectations for their babysitter (who they will barely be paying):

    A list of requirements for a babysitter

    21. This person who doesn't seem to realize how expensive it is to own a dog:

    "Does anyone have a free boy dog that is potty train"

    22. This world's worst wedding:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    23. This rude rejection from a person who didn't even intend to pay:

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    24. This random person who wants this expensive bed for free:

    "if you give me one i can write an excellent review."

    25. This person who got super aggressive when their excuse backfired:

    Screenshot of a text conversation

    26. This person who tried a new tactic:

    "Money is super tight for me"

    27. This parent who thinks $20/a day is somehow an acceptable wage:

    Facebook post of a person asking for a babysitter

    28. This lazy person who doesn't want to apply for a dog because they know they'd probably be rejected:

    "we don't want to go through the whole application thing.ty"

    29. Finally, this not-at-all sketchy job opportunity:

    "Must have a following of at minimum 2k followers on any social platform"

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars