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    21 Entitled People Who Tried To Negotiate Themselves A Deal And Failed Miserably

    These people never learn!!!

    1. This haggler who offered some truly fascinating trades:

    2. This parent whose daughter is apparently upset:

    3. This fool who fought until the bitter end:

    4. This person who went for a low blow:

    5. This self-righteous renter:

    6. This birthday barterer:

    text screenshot
    text screenshot

    7. This haggler who held fast to their first offer:

    8. This backtracker:

    9. This arrogant haggler who was under no obligation to buy the dang ring:

    text screenshot
    text screenshot

    10. This hopeful haggler:

    11. This haggler who probably didn't get an A in math:

    12. This fool who was talking to themselves:

    13. This haggler who maybe shouldn't disrespect the person with the needle:

    14. This haggler who really thought they did something:

    15. This person who lowered their already low offer:

    16. This haggler who should learn to pick their battles:

    17. This person who simply wasn't reading:

    18. This person who should've held their tongue:

    19. This bold barterer:

    20. This haggler who asked for too much:

    21. Finally, this person who isn't getting the picture:

    WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE?! Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars and r/assholetax for the manyyy eye rolls. Ugh.

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