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    28 Screenshots Of Nightmare Relatives That'll Make You Go, "Phew! My Family Isn't So Bad!"

    "It pays nothing, but you get experience and exposure."

    1. This parent who wanted a free poodle:

    2. This brother who treated his sibling like his own personal bank:

    3. This demanding aunt with an attitude problem:

    4. This sister who expected a paycheck from her parents for...*checks notes*...existing?:

    5. This incredibly crappy cousin:

    6. This entitled aunt with an entitled cat:

    7. This ungrateful uncle:

    8. This niece who needs to get her own Netflix:

    9. This self-righteous relative who had the nerve to complain about a gift for 2-year-old:

    10. This aggravating aunt:

    11. This mooching momma with a list of demands:

    12. This bratty niece who didn't deserve a dang thing:

    A teenage girl asks her uncle for Air Pods
    The uncle says "how about some Chinese knockoffs instead" and the niece reiterates they want Air Pods and asks if the uncle can get them
    The uncle says Air Pods are expensive, then a later text from the niece says she's going to send back the uncle's gift because they fake and don't fit her ears
    The niece says the uncle got her hopes up, the uncle says he never told her he'd get them for her, and the niece says "then you should have just said no"

    13. This dishonest sister:

    14. This mom who went to bat for OP's choosing beggar uncle:

    15. This ridiculous sister who owes her brother an apology and a thank you:

    16. This horribly entitled, whiny, and ungrateful child:

    17. This aunt who was too lazy to even read:

    18. This mom who made quite the request:

    19. This cranky cousin with absolutely no chill:

    20. This grossly ungrateful grandchild:

    21. This cousin who needed a very strange favor:

    22. This snarky sister:

    23. This careless cousin who could've been more considerate:

    24. This begging brother who needs to reevaluate their priorities:

    25. This unbelievably spoiled kid:

    26. This mom who expected a free car:

    27. This persistent parent who thought their family could get special treatment:

    28. Finally, this stingy sister who wanted others to pay for her free pool access:

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