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    19 Disastrous Dating App Conversations And Bios That Prove Online Dating Is Basically A Form Of Torture

    I've said it once and I'll say it again: The bar is on the floor.

    1. This truth-or-dare disaster:

    Text: Truth or dare? Truth! Kind of a weird question but do you have big areolas? lol

    2. This horrible Halloween pickup line:

    "Hey, you planning on being a washing machine for Halloween? 'Cause I wanna put a load inside you" Response: "You planning on being the Grinch? 'Cause I wouldn't touch you with a 39 1/2-foot poll"

    3. This truly terrifying bio:

    Women are terrible, I hate all of you! Some guy rejects u who u don't know and u take it personal; i don't have time to waste, let's go on a freakin' date because I'm not texting for 2 weeks; worst case is you lose 30 mins of your precious life

    4. This turn of events:

    Hey how's it going; response: Nothing much Horny as fuck Fuck me sexy baby

    5. This guy who spoke some unfortunate truth:

    "The key to my heart is emotional intimacy and mutual understanding and acceptance"; response: "That's a pretty high bar for the average man, best of luck out there"

    6. This weird request:

    Woman responds to text by asking if the guy will Uber Eats her breakfast, and he says he only pays for a girl's food on a date, but he's not going to Uber Eats her something before they even meet

    7. This bio that might as well be a creepy job posting for a maid:

    He really wants a "female helper," a 1950s woman with a job who can also cook, clean, etc, but otherwise he'll just hook up with you

    8. This unsettling tone shift:

    "Hey what are you up to? Your pictures are gorgeous"; "Hah thank you! I'm just working; how about yourself?" "Fuck you stupid bitch"

    9. This persistent question asker:

    Sends this message twice: "Hey gorgeous hows you? So if we were both squirrels would you let me bust a nut in your mouth?" Response: "Sorry I'm allergic to nuts"

    10. This confusing message:

    "He's a good little guy"; "You also look like a good little girl; do you also have any delicious food nickname?" "This is definitely in my top 10 weirdest Tinder messages I've received, I'll give you that"

    11. This very specific bio:

    Profile says mother of 2, Scorpio, '80s baby, turnoffs include fem dudes that wear skinny jeans, and "if you ever had a covid vaccination, keep swiping," turn-ons include family oriented, hard workers, 420 friendly

    12. This overshare:

    "Sleeping is my only late night shenanigan"; response: "I need to jerk off before I go to sleep"; "Alrighty buddy, so here's the thing, I didn't ask"

    13. This bitter bio:

    "I love this app because it shows the hypocrisy of girls demanding interesting conversation/openers and then only knowing how to start a convo with 'hey'"

    14. This worshipper:

    Hi! I think you are a perfect and beautiful Goddess who deserves to be worshipped and pampered! I would love to worship and massage your divine feet if you would like my Goddess!"

    15. This #Damaged bio:

    40+, never married, 2 adult children, #damaged: I'm not a "nice guy," I don't care about your kids or your pets, I don't want to marry you or pay your rent, I am honest and kind, looking for a cuddle buddy, maybe we make out a little but I don't put out

    16. This creep who wasted no time:

    "Before you go to bed, would you rather watch something you've never seen before or something you've seen 1,000 times?" "Something I've never seen before"; "Send me your pussy"

    17. This taco enthusiast:

    "How's your day going? No tacos lol" and after some chitchat says, "You didn't answer the taco question, you're kinda being a robot," and when other person asks "What taco question?" responds, "Oh yeah dang, you're not even trying to be interested lol"

    18. This lengthy list of a bio:

    He's 6'3", interests include feminism and heavy metal, and has a list of "don't evens," which include making less than $100K, being over 35, being a single mother, having a body count over 10, being fat, and having over 100K IG followers

    19. Finally, this conversationalist:

    When person asks what they do for a living they say "Read my profile," and when person says they did but they're "not sure what Alts means in that context," person says "I heard google is a smart source"

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