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Dionne Warwick Is The Queen Of Twitter, And Here Are 18 Tweets To Prove It

"I came to Twert a friend."

You probably know Dionne Warwick from her expansive career as an acclaimed singer, actor, TV host, and former goodwill ambassador.

Dionne Warwick smiling at an event

But did you know that she is also the queen of Twitter? Here are just a few times Ms. Warwick has tweeted her way into our hearts.

1. When she gave us nothing but honesty:

I ate an entire bag of Quaker Butter Popcorn Rice Crisps the other day. I twote this for those wondering how the pandemic is going for me.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

2. When she made a really excellent point:

I hope that DaBaby’s mother calls herself DaMama. This would be a wonderful full circle moment.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

3. When she stayed on top of the trends:

Y’all just be saying anything. Stonks?

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

4. When she wasn't afraid to call people out:

Instead of promoting my next project I am going to film myself on tour... to your Parents and Grandparents homes where I will read them your tweets.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

5. When she set some boundaries:

Thanks for sending. I am not reading all of that (Bean Dad). However, it looks like nonsense.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

6. When she gave us this important heads up:

Brittani says “Auntie, no!” in regard to me listening to “WAP”. I will trust her on this, so please stop asking. Thank you!

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

7. When she was practical:

Many of you are offering to cover me in bubble wrap. Please consider that I would suffocate.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

8. When she didn't come to play games:

Please stop asking me about politics. We all see it.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

9. When she made this astute observation:

I am convinced that a location scout has to come to your home and make sure your filled bookcase is smart-looking before you can be on the news.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

10. When she continued to spread her wisdom:

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

11. When she put her foot down:

You can explain to your friends that you can’t hang out (post-covid) because Dionne Warwick got you grounded for your unsavory tweets.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

12. When she was tired of our nonsense:

I just asked my team what the “buss it” challenge was. Why are you asking me to do that? Don’t make me delete TikTok before I even start. 🥴

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

13. When she made an important discovery:

After today, I can confidently add ‘Cardi B’ to the list of people my niece has opened my eyes to. More on this tomorrow...

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

14. When she needed a break:

Please stop and think “Would I say this to my Nana?” ...If the answer is NO then don’t say it to Dionne Warwick (Also somebody’s Nana)😂

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

15. When she invented a helpful new term:

Do a tweet? Tweet? I would like to call it Twert. I came to Twert a friend.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

16. When she asked the real questions:

I noticed that most of my “verified” followers only “like” tweets. Is this to look cool?

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

17. When she gave us this reminder:

Yes, a millennial taught me to Tweet...but just remember that I threw that same millennial’s baby shower. I’ve been around a while. Auntie knows a thing or two.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

18. And when she spread some love:

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

We love you, Dionne! Keep bringing joy to our Twitter feeds!

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