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    167 Design Fails You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    "What is this? A center for ants? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?" —Zoolander

    1. This fashion disaster:

    2. This cooktop that has misaligned heating coils:

    3. This natural freshly cut grass scent inside:

    4. This hard-to-enter entrance:

    5. This useless fan:

    6. This unreachable switch:

    7. This bathroom nightmare:

    8. Or this other bathroom nightmare:

    9. This monstrosity of a Monster drink:

    10. This design that will confuse your dishwasher:

    11. This unimpressive press:

    12. This terrifying splash:

    13. This off-center eyesore:

    14. This stairway to...another door:

    15. This unclear address:

    16. This random assortment of buttons:

    17. This plateau of a sliding scale:

    18. This misnomer:

    19. This incognito outlet:

    20. This extremely narrow drawer:

    21. This misplaced masterpiece:

    22. This quarter-court advantage:

    23. This competition between windows:

    24. This literal example of "money is tight right now":

    25. This invisible button:

    26. This crooked kitchen sink:

    27. This inconvenient button:

    28. This inconsistent flooring:

    29. This unclear signage:

    30. This misconstrued message:

    31. This not-well-thought-out pencil:

    32. This hooded message:

    33. This sock-in-mouth:

    34. This odd ad:

    35. This...can't be right:

    36. This price can't be right:

    37. This reassuring reminder:

    38. This shot and miss:

    39. This fishily placed food ad:

    40. This white van that meets the trope:

    41. This motivational sign:

    42. This recipe for disaster:

    43. This rude receptacle:

    44. This message that needed proofreading:

    45. This erotic candy bar:

    46. This crosswalk to nowhere:

    47. This unreadable sign:

    48. This intense emphasis:

    49. This meta interpretation:

    50. This jumble of letters:

    51. This impersonal bathroom stall:

    52. This unreachable roll of toilet paper:

    53. This creepy doll:

    54. This very cheery sign:

    55. This enticing order:

    56. This map that's literally all over the map:

    57. This top secret storefront:

    58. This makeshift shower:

    59. This fire exit that might be scarier than the fire:

    60. This rebranding of milk:

    61. This ballsy bubble gum ad:

    62. This (hopefully) misleading sign:

    63. This colorblind cup:

    64. This very uncomfortable seat:

    65. This appetizing description:

    66. This heightist door:

    67. This literal gate-keeping:

    68. This van that needs to be reASSessed:

    69. This pill packaging that will keep you on your toes:

    70. This maze made for geniuses only:

    71. This wacky window assortment:

    72. This mug that should get tested soon:

    73. This outer s p a c e store:

    74. This undercover flag:

    75. This seasonal change:

    76. This jumbled sign:

    77. This encouraging display:

    78. This multipurpose opening:

    79. This irreversible mask:

    80. This magic of Photoshop:

    81. This Sudoku of elevator buttons:

    82. This masked monstrosity:

    83. This multipurpose sign:

    84. This gate that invites robbers in:

    85. This very public bathroom:

    86. This scenic route:

    87. This hot seat:

    88. This uncontainable goal:

    89. This well executed "safety first" policy:

    90. This Grate-gate:

    91. This drippy overhang:

    92. This transparent bathroom stall:

    93. This stairway to hell:

    94. This multi-use sports court:

    95. This well-lit space:

    96. This literal roadblock:

    97. This cautionary trail:

    98. This bridge-turned-pool:

    99. This murky expiration date:

    100. This solid bottle for liquids:

    101. This packaging is *bananas*:

    102. This expensive side:

    103. This unusable school locker:

    104. This colander that won't let the pasta go:

    105. This non-yes-or-no question:

    106. This very ripped pair of jeans:

    107. This sorting system gone amuck:

    108. This tale as old as time:

    109. This Blackjack game went too literal:

    110. This new numbering system:

    111. This inconsiderate operation:

    112. This...clock?:

    113. This very transparent IP address:

    114. This trackpad tracks bad:

    115. This unfinished thought:

    116. This teachable moment:

    117. This ironic warning:

    118. This mixed messaging:

    119. This less-than-clear writing on clear glass:

    120. This strange formatting:

    121. This subtle end of the bike lane:

    122. This waste of battery life:

    123. This leaning Eiffel Tower of Pisa:

    124. This hairy situation:

    125. This subtle renovation:

    126. This forgetful map:

    127. This frightening festive decor:

    128. This doesn't quite fit:

    129. This establishment that should card everyone:

    130. This zig-zagged parking lot:

    131. This obstacle course of a bathroom:

    132. This less convenient way to leave your house:

    133. This notebook that needs spellcheck:

    134. This appetizing icon:

    135. This pencil that ironically created a problem to solve:

    136. This toilet that offers no privacy:

    137. This sock dripping cream:

    138. This place with no name: