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    170 Design Fails You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    "What is this? A center for ants?" —Zoolander

    If you think the Leaning Tower of Pisa is cool, wait until you see these everyday design fails. You don't have to go to Italy to see a mistake that just boggles the mind!

    The leaning tower of Pisa

    We rounded up the most ridiculous design fails that Reddit had to offer — from poorly planned bathrooms to advertisements that clearly weren't completely thought through. It'll definitely make you feel better about those weirdly cut pants you just bought.

    1. This well-lit space:

    2. This transparent bathroom stall:

    3. This scenic route:

    4. This restaurant sink made of wood:

    A wooden sink

    5. This sign spotted at a DESIGN SCHOOL:

    "Be Who Yourself Choose to Be"

    6. This floor number that could be juuust a little clearer:

    3rd floor

    7. This fashion disaster:

    pants that look like they're dripping

    8. This cooktop that has misaligned heating coils:

    stove with misaligned heating coils

    9. This natural freshly cut grass scent inside:

    carpet that looks like grass covering the bathroom floor

    10. This hard-to-enter entrance:

    blocked off entryway

    11. This useless fan:

    enclosed fan in ceiling

    12. This unreachable switch:

    a switch cover with no switch

    13. This bathroom nightmare:

    a bathroom where the toilet is not closed off

    14. Or this other bathroom nightmare:

    open bathroom layout

    15. This monstrosity of a Monster drink:

    a Monster can with no tab

    16. This design that will confuse your dishwasher:

    design that makes plate look dirty

    17. This unimpressive press:

    misaligned waffle press

    18. This terrifying splash:

    red splash on door that looks bloody

    19. This off-center eyesore:

    20. This stairway to...another door:

    side-by-side double doors into a home

    21. This unclear address:

    address in which numbers could be flipped

    22. This random assortment of buttons:

    confusing arrangement of elevator buttons

    23. This plateau of a sliding scale:

    temperature settings that only have cold

    24. This misnomer:

    temporary tattoo mislabeled "shark"

    25. This incognito outlet:

    outlet that's half-covered by a wall

    26. This extremely narrow drawer:

    unusably narrow drawer

    27. This misplaced masterpiece:

    off-center chandelier

    28. This quarter-court advantage:

    part of the basketball court is missing

    29. This competition between windows:

    windows that are so close only one can be opened at a time

    30. This literal example of "money is tight right now":

    an ATM that is hard to reach

    31. This invisible button:

    phone only has buttons for 1 2 3

    32. This crooked kitchen sink:

    sink that protrudes into the kitchen

    33. This inconvenient button:

    "Stop" button next to knee

    34. This inconsistent flooring:

    inconsistent tiling

    35. This unclear signage:

    sign that says "follow traffic rules someone is waiting at home  for you"

    36. This misconstrued message:

    school bus that looks like it says "quit school"

    37. This not-well-thought-out pencil:

    pencil that says "too cool to do drugs"

    38. This hooded message:

    sweatshirt that says "anti animal cruelty club" but hood covers "anti"

    39. This sock-in-mouth:

    flier that says "let's sock the homeless"

    40. This odd ad:

    ad that says "rob the ballon guy" with man smiling next to a balloon animal

    41. This...can't be right:

    "congratulations you have cancer" napkins

    42. This price can't be right:

    price shows "child deleted total" for $8.48

    43. This reassuring reminder:

    "No one is happy all the time and that's OK. Feeling your way is just as important as ordering your way" on Burger King merch

    44. This shot and miss:

    ad that says "shoot the kids, hang the family, frame them all"

    45. This fishily placed food ad:

    "fish and chips fuel up here" sign in a fish tank

    46. This white van that meets the trope:

    white van that says "practice your kills"

    47. This motivational sign:

    sign that says "just do nothing. it is impossible."

    48. This recipe for disaster:

    Hardee's sign that says "our people are our key ingredient"

    49. This rude receptacle:

    "lady killer" written on receptacle

    50. This message that needed proofreading:

    writing on van that looks like it says "let's beat the children"

    51. This erotic candy bar:

    chocolate that is shaped like a penis

    52. This crosswalk to nowhere:

    crosswalk that leads you to grass

    53. This unreadable sign:

    sign that says "we're you're not 'til not happy"

    54. This intense emphasis:

    weirdly colored sign that says "don't drive safely"

    55. This meta interpretation:

    shirt that says "diffiretn"

    56. This jumble of letters:

    jumbled letters on the wall that say "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

    57. This impersonal bathroom stall:

    a toilet next to a window

    58. This unreachable roll of toilet paper:

    59. This creepy doll:

    60. This very cheery sign:

    61. This enticing order:

    62. This map that's literally all over the map:

    63. This makeshift shower:

    64. This fire exit that might be scarier than the fire:

    65. This rebranding of milk:

    66. This ballsy bubble gum ad:

    67. This (hopefully) misleading sign:

    68. This colorblind cup:

    69. This very uncomfortable seat:

    70. This appetizing description:

    71. This heightist door:

    72. This literal gate-keeping:

    73. This van that needs to be reASSessed:

    74. This pill packaging that will keep you on your toes:

    75. This maze made for geniuses only:

    76. This wacky window assortment:

    77. This mug that should get tested soon:

    78. This outer s p a c e store:

    79. This undercover flag:

    80. This seasonal change:

    81. This jumbled sign:

    82. This encouraging display:

    83. This multipurpose opening:

    84. This irreversible mask:

    85. This magic of Photoshop:

    86. This Sudoku of elevator buttons:

    87. This masked monstrosity:

    88. This multipurpose sign:

    89. This gate that invites robbers in:

    90. This very public bathroom:

    91. This hot seat:

    92. This uncontainable goal:

    93. This well executed "safety first" policy:

    94. This Grate-gate:

    95. This drippy overhang:

    96. This stairway to hell:

    97. This multi-use sports court:

    98. This literal roadblock:

    99. This cautionary trail:

    100. This bridge-turned-pool:

    101. This impossible puzzle:

    102. This murky expiration date:

    103. This solid bottle for liquids:

    104. This packaging is *bananas*:

    105. This expensive side:

    106. This unusable school locker:

    107. This colander that won't let the pasta go:

    108. This non-yes-or-no question:

    109. This very ripped pair of jeans:

    110. This sorting system gone amuck:

    111. This tale as old as time:

    112. This Blackjack game went too literal:

    113. This new numbering system:

    114. This inconsiderate operation:

    115. This...clock?:

    116. This very transparent IP address:

    117. This trackpad tracks bad:

    118. This unfinished thought:

    119. This teachable moment:

    120. This ironic warning:

    121. This mixed messaging:

    122. This less-than-clear writing on clear glass: