15 Tweets That Hilariously (And Tragically) Highlight Why Modern Dating Is Hot Garbage

    "Dating is so easy. You just ask someone out and they say no."

    Whether you're smitten with a partner or living your best single life, you're probably no stranger to the weird world of dating. These hilarious tweeters were brave enough to say exactly what we've all been thinking when it comes to dating in this day and age:


    Iโ€™m deleting dating apps and going back to bed with my vibrator

    Twitter: @abbygov


    Stop dating people who only wanna see you at night. You not a roach

    Twitter: @Noorthevirgo


    If you're having a bad day, just remember someone is dating your ex and thinking they got lucky ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Twitter: @SimplyySonyaa


    Deleting dating apps so I can find love the old fashioned way (being locked in a tower until an ogre and his donkey come and rescue me)

    Twitter: @Perry__Gould


    when guys on dating apps ask me who my favourite philosopher is i make up a random german sounding name. half of the time they โ€œoh yeah iโ€™ve read some of his stuffโ€

    Twitter: @beauvoirbaddie


    every straight woman I know is dating him

    Richard Scarry / Twitter: @gracejarvisohno


    dating actually makes me feel insane like I do not WANT to get drinks and ask how many siblings you have I WANT to be CHERISHED

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    Twitter: @itsyaboydilly


    dating a loser will really alter ur brain chemistry

    Twitter: @1likeaverage


    dating me is easy u just gotta reassure me u like me every 45 seconds

    Twitter: @wtfffjuni


    modern day dating is making out at a bar one night and then just watching each other's instagram stories everyday until you die

    Twitter: @nazzobetweeting


    Twitter: @diordickies


    Twitter: @RollWithRu


    Dating is so easy. You just ask someone out and they say no

    Twitter: @sahana_srini

    15. And...

    u guys were makin fun of plankton for dating a computer screen now look at yall ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    Twitter: @ethernul

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