19 Cooking Fails So Cringeworthy They’ll Make You Feel Like An Iron Chef

    *Chef's kiss*

    Shoutout to r/shittyfoodporn for all the laughs and ego boosts.

    1. This sleep paralysis demon. 

    2. These confused croissants. 

    3. This inside-out hotdog. 

    4. This blackened bird.

    5. This absolute nightmare fuel. 

    6. This disappointing combination.

    7. These crispy cookies.

    8. This festive failure.

    9. This toxic tea.

    10. This salt deposit.

    11. This wasted waffle.

    12. This tin I definitely thought was a Lego block.

    13. This oatmeal ordeal. 

    14. This donut disaster.

    15. This cake that has no business being so sopping wet.

    16. This dough that crossed over to the dark side.

    17. This displeased grilled cheese.

    18. This marshmallow mess. 

    19. And finally, these meat cookies.