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    I'm Revoking Your Kitchen Privileges If You've Ever Committed One Of These 21 Cooking Crimes

    Please don't leave food in the oven overnight.

    I won't pretend I'm some Iron Chef, but sometimes I scroll through r/shittyfoodporn on Reddit and feel a lot better about my own cooking abilities. So, please enjoy these tremendous food fails:

    1. This caramel that looks like the Earth's core:

    /u/Skiddle1138 made caramel from shittyfoodporn

    2. This protein poop:

    Oat Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Molasses Protein Log. from shittyfoodporn

    3. This janky geode:

    My wife tried to make a mineral geode themed cake from shittyfoodporn

    4. This disastrous dinner:

    Oh fuck from shittyfoodporn

    5. These crispy cookies:

    Made some cookies think I nailed it from shittyfoodporn

    6. This spicy egg:

    Eggs à la poivre from shittyfoodporn

    7. This charred cheese:

    i have now burned 2 grilled cheeses in a row this is so sad from shittyfoodporn

    8. These nasty nachos:

    "You should put the refried beans in a ziploc bag and pipe them onto the nachos", she said. from shittyfoodporn

    9. These nightmare eggs:

    Don't boil eggs with red rice, just don't from shittyfoodporn

    10. This extra-crispy pizza:

    Homemade pizza slow cooked overnight from shittyfoodporn

    11. These scrambled pancakes:

    I tried to make pancakes from shittyfoodporn

    12. This tragic toast:

    Sliced homemade sourdough bread topped with creamy light brie cheese. Preheat oven to 350 and bake for 11 hours. Enjoy. from shittyfoodporn

    13. These demonic dumplings:

    Dumplings from the hell's gate. from shittyfoodporn

    14. These sad, little cookies:

    My *sober* friends baked chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack. Guess they figured they could skip the cookie sheet & do it all in one step? from shittyfoodporn

    15. This lopsided loaf:

    Our bread didn't come out great today. from shittyfoodporn

    16. This curvy cake:

    Tried to make a cake. Not sure what went wrong. from shittyfoodporn

    17. This banana bread that's seen better days:

    My roommate made "banana bread" that was both uncooked and burnt from shittyfoodporn

    18. This coffee catastrophe:

    Coffee anyone? from shittyfoodporn

    19. These mysterious meringues:

    My girlfriend’s attempt at vegan meringues looks like used condoms from shittyfoodporn

    20. This pizza with no pizzazz:

    I can assure you that my boyfriend and I are relatively great cooks, but for some reason we keep failing miserably at homemade pizza. from shittyfoodporn

    21. Finally, this combusting croissant:

    Enjoy this croissant I set on fire from shittyfoodporn

    Shoutout to r/shittyfoodporn for always making me laugh!