"I Knew When I Saw Her Reflection In His Sunglasses In A Pic He Sent Me": 21 People Revealed How They Learned Their Partner Was Cheating

    "Turns out that person who was 'just a friend' was a full-fledged relationship."

    Not all relationships have a happy ending. Sadly, many end because of distrust and infidelity. Reddit user u/Immediate-Salary-736 posed the question: "How did you find out you were getting cheated on?" The thread quickly filled with hundreds of jaw-dropping, heartbreaking responses. Here's what people shared:

    1. "A man knocked on my door and introduced himself as the husband of a woman that my husband worked with. He was there to tell me that his wife was having an affair with my husband. My husband never came home after that. He got an Airbnb and told me to get a lawyer. We had been together for 24 years."


    2. "The other girl was wearing my clothes in front of me. The one part of the entire debacle that was hysterical was that she tried to deny that she was wearing my clothes when I confronted her...until I pointed out the oil stain on the white shirt she was wearing that my sister caused when she borrowed the shirt without asking. Plot twist: She and I are friendly now, and he's off being miserable somewhere else."


    A white shirt with stains on it

    3. "I was pregnant, and they were doing the standard tests including STDs, and I tested positive for chlamydia. I was sooo embarrassed, but glad to have found out because it turns out that can really mess up a pregnancy. Still took me another year to file for divorce, though."


    4. "The phone bill. She was texting some random number 600 times a month. I thought I recognized the number, and when I put it in my phone, it was a buddy of mine."


    A woman texting on her phone

    5. "I was putting our kids to bed. We had planned on having sex that night. I got lingerie and nice wine and had dolled myself up. I came out to the living room to find my husband asleep on the couch with his phone on his chest. He was sexting her as I was getting ready to have sex with him. Turns out that person who was 'just a friend' was a full-fledged relationship."


    6. "My neighbor told me that there was an odd car parked in my driveway when the ex was supposed to be at work."


    A red car in the driveway

    7. "A flirty text from a guy popped up while we were looking at her phone for a place to eat. He complimented a picture I had just taken of her. She sent it to him while around me. Bold. Also, this happened at the Eiffel Tower, only a couple of hours into what was supposed to be a two-week vacation."


    8. "I have long and straight hair, and I saw all over his bed some woman's curly hair. I went to the bathroom and saw a bunch of the same hair also on the hairbrush I used when I went to his place."


    Someone brushing their hair

    9. "The other woman knocked on my front door and asked me to take my kid and get out so that the two of them could be together and be happy. I told her she could have him, but they'd have to go, because technically, I owned the house. I then told him he was free to go. He did not go, sadly. She'd been dropped off by her ex who she'd cheated on with my (ex)husband. That was quite awkward."


    10. "My friends found out before me and knew they (the cheaters) were going to the movies together. My friends begged me to go see a movie with them so that I could catch them in the act because they knew I wouldn't believe them if they just told me. True friends."


    People eating popcorn in a movie theater

    11. "She left me because she got pregnant and thought it was a different guy's. Turns out I was one of three possible dads. A couple years and a few paternity tests later, turns out it was mine."


    12. "I knew when I saw her reflected in his sunglasses in a picture that he texted me."


    People's reflections in someone's sunglasses

    13. "He pocket-dialed me while bragging about it to a coworker. The universe really had my back on that one."


    14. "The girl messaged me from an anonymous IG account letting me know it happened while I was out of town. Maybe I wouldn’t have believed it if she didn’t provide specific details, like the type of car I drove that I had let the car-less cheater drive while I was gone."


    Someone texting on their phone

    15. "Her roommates called and asked me to meet them for lunch and said it was important. I met them, and they told me she had been cheating on me with her ex the entire time I was deployed. They showed me pictures (back when you had to get pictures developed). They said I was a good man and I didn't deserve to be treated like that. They had collected my things that morning when she left for work and gave them to me. I drove to her work, walked up to her, showed her the pictures and demanded the ring back."

    "She gave it to me, and I left. Later, she called me yelling about 'conspiring with her roommates' and basically tried to make it my fault. She asked me what I was doing meeting with them, and I said, 'It's called respect and closure, and it sounds like this.' I unplugged the phone (landline), waited an hour, plugged the phone back in, called the phone company, said I needed to change my number, and never heard from her again. I took it really rough and am thankful for her roommates and the friends that got me through probably the darkest time of my life."


    16. "The guy shot me a message on social media. He said he was sorry and didn’t know she was in a relationship. I bumped into him at a bar years later and bought him a drink."


    Two people having beers at a bar

    17. "She messaged me naked pictures of him in our shower. He tried to play it off like it was an old pic, but it was clearly my shower with my stuff in it. Some people have a ton of audacity and zero shame."


    18. "He stopped smiling at me. Stopped kissing me goodnight. Stopped holding my hand. He became very short and impatient with me — very mean. He didn't seem to want me around. He spent lots of time in his office. He was on his phone a lot and would get messages and be smiling. Then, he asked me for a divorce. I decided to snoop. I opened his laptop and saw all the evidence. It destroyed me."


    A woman crying in the shadows

    19. "He started getting antsy about leaving his phone in my presence. So, I logged into his Facebook on the shared iPad and saw his messages. I called him out on my suspicion the next morning, and he denied it. I logged into his messenger and saw him admitting that I 'caught' them, and they were planning on meeting up to talk about it."


    20. "I knew when I came home to bedsheets reeking of perfume. I work in healthcare, and I specifically don't wear perfume because of that. The kicker was when I asked him why the sheets smelled like a high-paid escort, his response was, 'I don't know.' This man, who would notice when I would move his computer screen to plug in the vacuum and then move it back as I found it, didn't know why the bedsheets smelled like perfume."


    A perfume bottle

    21. Finally: "The other woman found out about me when a mutual friend showed her my pictures with my dude and our kids on Facebook and contacted me to apologize and let me know she had been told he was single. We met for a drink and to compare notes. After she showed me texts and proof that he had been cheating on me for months, we both dumped him, flew off to party together in New Orleans for a few days, and have been besties for over 12 years. He was the best thing that ever happened to me because he introduced me to what ended up being my people."


    Wooow. People are unbelievable. 💔 Have you ever been cheated on? How did you find out? If you feel comfortable, you can share your story in the comments below.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.