Bud Light And Truly Just Released Their Holiday Seltzers, So I Hope You're Ready To Feel Festive AF

    Cheers to holiday cheer! 🎄

    Hello and welcome to another iteration of Hannah's Happy Hour! I'm Hannah, your boozy best friend, and I love sampling and rating different alcoholic beverages. I'm here today to tell you about some of the holiday drinks that'll be hitting the shelves this season.

    woman in a bar sipping a cocktail

    I had the pleasure of trying Bud Light Seltzer's Ugly Sweater Pack and Truly Hard Seltzer's Holiday Party Pack, and boy did they make me feel merry! Here are the festive packs in all their glory. Aren't they cute?

    a pack of bud light ugly sweater seltzers, then a pack of truly holiday seltzers

    Well, I was excited to get my drink on, but I knew I couldn't sample alone! I enlisted the help of my dear roommate, Caitlin, and we began our sipping journey.

    Let's start with Bud Light! The flavors are Sugar Plum, Seltzer Nog, Cherry Cordial, and Cranberry.

    cans of Bud Light ugly sweater seltzers

    Sugar Plum

    bud light sugar plum seltzer


    woman holding a sugar plum seltzer


    caitlin's rating 9.5/10 and hannah's rating 9/10

    Seltzer Nog

    bud light seltzer nog


    woman sipping a seltzer nog


    Caitlin's rating 5/10 and hannah's rating 6/10

    Cherry Cordial

    bud light cherry cordial seltzer


    woman holding a cherry cordial seltzer


    cailtin's rating 6.5/10 and hannah's rating 8/10


    bud light cranberry seltzer


    woman sipping a cranberry seltzer


    caitlin's rating 9/10 and hannah's rating 8/10

    Now, onto the Truly seltzers! The flavors are Spiked Apple Spice, Pomegranate Ginger Fizz, Cran Orange Sparkler, and Holiday Sangria Style.

    truly holiday party pack seltzers

    Spiked Apple Spice

    truly spiked apple spice hard seltzer


    woman holding a spiked apple spice seltzer


    caitlin's rating 7.5/10 and hannah's rating 8/10

    Pomegranate Ginger Fizz

    truly pomegranate ginger fizz seltzer


    excited woman holding a truly pomegranate ginger fizz seltzer


    cailtin's rating 9.5/10 and hannah's rating 9.5/10

    Cran Orange Sparkler

    truly cran orange sparkler seltzer


    woman holding cran orange seltzer


    Caitlin's rating 6/10 and hannah's rating 6/10

    Holiday Sangria Style

    truly holiday sangria style seltzer


    woman chugging holiday sangria seltzer


    caitlin's rating 8/10 and hannah's rating 9/10

    Final thoughts:

    Note: BuzzFeed was sent these products free for review, but was under no obligation to give a positive review.