19 Unbelievable Screenshots From Hinge, Bumble, And Tinder This Month That'll Make You Question Humanity

    "Believe me, if I was a weirdo, you would know."

    1. This brilliant geographer:

    Someone asks their match where they're from, the match says Niagara, and the first person goes on a rant about how they're a liar because they're obviously not from Nigeria

    2. This "successful American man":

    A man suggests he and his match go out for drinks, the match respectfully declines because they're tired, and the man responds "you need to be much more respectful to successful American men"

    3. This cruel bully who should have her dating app privileges revoked:

    Someone tells their match that their pictures are terrible, says one in particular is ugly, and that they should get a cuter face

    4. This dating app veteran who is DONE:

    An About Me section in which a man says he's done, that he's had the app for 10 years and never gotten a single date, but it's not him, it's all of the women who choose losers

    5. This immediate block:

    A string of texts from someone after a date who says they wanted to come home with their date, asks to be invited over, and when they get no reply, they say "you're blocked, I hope you get better at these first dates, I did nothing wrong"

    6. This creep who should keep things to himself:

    The text reads "you look like my sister, but that don't bother me"

    7. This "nice guy" stranger who is totally not a creep:

    A man asks what night his match his free, she says she's not sure yet but will let him know, and he responds "Ah, I see how it is, the old meeting a guy off the internet is scary because he might actually be a nice guy scenario"

    8. This guy who had to give his unsolicited opinion:

    The text reads "Keep the long hair, no girl looks good with short hair, sorry if I sound like an asshole, just trying to be nice and give my opinion"

    9. This self-pitying, self-proclaimed "weirdo":

    His About Me section calls himself a weirdo and says he "typically attracts a 3 out of 10" and "that makes sense, all the good ones are married"

    10. This guy who actually thinks his opener is going to lead to a conversation:

    The man opens conversation by saying "I hope you notice me and I hear back from you, then maybe we can discuss about catching up and you riding my face to your heart's content"

    11. This complete and utter troll:

    A man opens conversation by saying he's not pro-choice, then goes on to say he follows Andrew Tate and that he can physically protect women but they must spiritually protect him

    12. This guy who is totally trustworthy and not at all a weirdo:

    The man suggests meeting at the woman's apartment instead of a public place, the woman says that's stressful, and the man replies "well I'm not a weirdo; believe me, if I was a weirdo you would know"

    13. This person who is definitely trying to lure people to their house:

    An About Me section says their matches will have to text them first and that they hate driving so will give their address to their matches

    14. This rampant misogynist:

    This man's entire About Me section is misogynist, ending with "America has failed its men, we deserve better than obese whores and delusional single mothers"

    15. This unfortunately honest guy:

    A man tells a woman she's pretty but he doesn't like tattoos, the woman says "why swipe right then?" and the man replies "I'm a guy, I swipe right on everyone"

    16. This man who is trying to meet women by immediately insulting them:

    Another misogynistic About Me section, this one says "All you women suck, you want a guy that looks good and is funny and provides money and security but you bring nothing to the damn table"

    17. This guy with no manners or restraint:

    In a conversation about their careers, a man asks a woman "What do you do? Other than having upper back problems"

    18. This "real man":

    This man's message reads "I'm a real man and once you experience that, your expectations and standards are going to go up. Have you ever been with a man that's the total package? Here I am, what's up?"

    19. Finally, this straight shooter:

    The conversation is one text long and simply says "I'm looking to breed"

    H/T: r/Bumble, r/Tinder, r/niceguys