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I'm Dying To Know The Most Absurd Reason A Customer Has Ever Asked To Speak To Your Manager

I'm already angry.

Let me just say: If you work in any sort of retail, hospitality, food service, or customer service job that requires you to deal with people, you are a SAINT.

The customer is NOT always right, though some of them love arguing otherwise! There's always one of ~those~ customers who gets unnecessarily pressed, then drops that infamous question, "Can I speak to your manager?"

Maybe you had a particularly antsy customer at the coffeehouse who decided to push her way to the front of the line and bark her order at you. When you informed her that she needed to wait her turn like everyone else, she asked to speak to your manager, further delaying everyone's orders.

Perhaps you were working the register at a department store when a customer brought you a box of shoes and demanded a refund. You noticed the label on the box was from the store across the street, meaning they hadn't purchased the shoes at your store. You then opened the box to see the shoes completely encrusted in grass and dog poop. You explained to the man why you couldn't take the shoes, but he wasn't satisfied and demanded to speak to your manager.

Or maybe you were helping a customer bag their groceries, when they suddenly began chucking all their items onto the floor, causing many to break. The customer then looked you dead in the face and said, "I can't believe you'd damage all my groceries like that. I will not pay for any of this! Let me speak to your manager."

What's the most absurd or infuriating reason a customer has ever demanded to speak to your manager? Drop your story in the comments below, or fill out this form if you wish to remain anonymous! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.