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Do You Need Advice About Dating, Relationships, Sex, Or Love In General? I'm Here To Help

Tell me everything!

Hello, my beautiful BuzzFeed Community members! My name is Hannah, and I've been a writer at BuzzFeed for two and a half years. In my personal life, I'm very much the friend that everyone goes to for advice. It's been this way since I was 12. Was I equipped to give people my age and older dating advice while I was a brace-faced chorus kid with 0 love interests? Probably not. Am I equipped now? Debatable. I'll do my best to convince you.

Side-by-side of Hannah at different ages

Why am I the "advice" friend, and why should you trust me with your personal questions? Well, I genuinely enjoy listening to people and helping them express themselves. I also love making people laugh, and I believe we should all be empowering each other to live happy, healthy, confident lives. I'm not here to judge, and I've previously been trusted to cover an array of sensitive sex and love subjects on the site. So, I'd love to talk with you all and try to help with any relationship-y questions you have in your life.

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Do you have questions about dating app culture and how to navigate casual vs. serious dating in 2023?

Someone using a dating app on their phone

Are you hoping to turn your situationship into a full-blown relationship, but don't know how to start that conversation?

A couple holding hands on the couch

Have you been dating someone secretly and need help finally telling your friends and family?

Silhouettes of people

Have you noticed your partner spending a lot of time on their phone texting unfamiliar names? Do you need help confronting them?

A man on his phone

No question is too big or too small. If there's something you need advice on and want to talk through, I want to help you! I know how personal these things are, so while you're welcome to drop your question in the comments, I've created this anonymous form for you to use as well. Your question and my ~unfiltered feedback~ may just be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video. Hope to hear from you soon. 🫶