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27 Asian-Owned Food And Drink Brands That'll Bring Life Back To Your Pantry

You'll never snack the same way again.

Hi, everyone! It's May, so that means it's officially Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! To celebrate, I want to introduce you to some of the AAPI-owned food and drink brands I had the honor of trying out this month. I hope you see something on this list that you'd like to try too. Let's goooo!

Note: Though BuzzFeed may have received items for free, we were under no obligation to post a positive review.

1. Boba Bam

Writer holding up the box of instant boba

I giggled a little at the packets because they reminded me of baked beans. Rest assured, they tasted far better! The brown sugar flavor was deliciously sweet, and it mixed beautifully with my vanilla almond milk. It truly tasted like something I'd buy at a boba shop, so needless to say, I'm obsessed.

Two images: one of the writer holding up an unopened pack of boba, and the second of a boba in a glass of vanilla almond milk

2. Poi Dog's Guava Katsu

Writer holding the bottle of sauce

3. BetterBrand's the Better Bagel

Writer holding the bagel bag and then showing an everything bagel

The Better Bagel has two flavors — plain and everything — so it's really all or none. I, of course, opted for the everything bagel! Though I can't say the bagel is identical to one you might get from your favorite local deli, it's still very soft and flavorful. BetterBrand doesn't skimp on the "everything" aspect, and I'm very grateful for that. It's a solid breakfast for anyone, and a great brand to keep in mind if you're looking for healthier alternatives to some of your favorite foods.

The write holding a plate with a bagel cut in half and sliced bananas

4. Nectar Hard Seltzer

A photo of the variety pack box


Writer holding a can of the Yuzu flavor

Asian Pear

Writer holding can of Asian Pear


Writer holding can of lychee flavor


Writer holding can of mandarin flavor

5. Vite Ramen

Writer holding a cup of unopened ramen

6. MingsBings

Writer holding the MingsBings box

7. Sugar Bowl Bakery

A picture collage of backed goods like brownie bites and madeleines


Writer holding a packaged madeleine

Duet Bites

Writer holding a packaged chocolate-covered bite

Lemon Madeleines

Writer holding a lemon madeleine


Writer holding a flaky cookie

Brownie Bites

Writer holding a packaged brownie bite

8. Yobo Soju Luxe

Writer holding a bottle of Yobo Soju Luxe

9. Bokksu

Writer holding the closed subscription box

This is the Seasons of Japan box — the first box new subscribers are sent. Look at how many wonderful snacks are packed inside this little box! It also comes with a lovely pamphlet that breaks down what each snack is, the snacks' flavors, their allergens, etc. From sweet candies to savory edamame snacks, my box was truly a treasure trove of goodies. The handmade yuzu sake candies, the mini red bean crackers, and mochi were my favorites! Food is such an incredible and intimate way to connect with another culture, so I'm beyond thrilled I learned about this box.

Two images: one of the open box showing it filled with snacks, the second with the snacks laid out

10. One Stripe Chai's Chai After Five

Writer holding a bag of packaged chai tea

11. HighKey

Writer holding up a packaged Caramel-Filled Milk Chocolate-Style bar

The caramel-filled bar tasted exactly like a rich, creamy candy bar. No weird aftertaste, no unappealing texture — basically a dead ringer for a candy bar (until you look at the list of ingredients)! With only 2 grams of sugar and 2 grams of net carbs per serving, I was worried it would taste more like a protein bar than a treat, but that simply wasn't the case. I think it's safe to say my sweet tooth is VERY satisfied.

Writer holding up a four-part chocolate bar

12. Brooklyn Delhi's Tomato Achaar

Writer holding up a jar of tomato achaar chili sauce

13. Kikori

Writer holding up a bottle of rice whiskey

14. Savory Seasoned Salt From Momofuku

Writer holding up a jar of seasoning salt

15. Vahdam India's Herbal Tea Assorted Sampler

A closed yellow box of herbal tea

Such a lovely assortment — truly any tea lover's paradise. Though I'm usually a mint tea gal, I think the hibiscus rose has to be my favorite. I mean, wow, it smelled like a fresh bouquet and tasted like springtime!

The same boxed opened showing six compartments with different tea flavors

16. Chargel from Morinaga America, Inc.

An opened box with multiple drinks inside

Chargel comes in three flavors: strawberry, white grape, and green apple. They're all very tasty, but the texture is definitely something to gear up for. It's like drinking loose Jell-O. As someone who likes Jell-O and typically any gummy or jelly candies/sweets, I was just fine with the texture. But if you're someone who may be put off by textures, this is your heads-up! Otherwise, the drinks are very refreshing! I had one before a long walk, and I can't say for certain whether or not it impacted my energy, but I had a nice, brisk walk and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon. No jitters, no racing heart, no upset stomach. For someone who avoids caffeine, Chargel is a great alternative to give a whirl.

Writer showing all three flavor packs of the drink

17. Do Anything Foods Kale Pesto

Writer holding up a jar of pesto

I used a recipe card that came with my kale pesto to create this tasty lunchtime salad. I threw chopped tomatoes and chicken over a bed of greens, then topped it off with the kale pesto, a drizzle of olive oil, and some shredded Parmesan cheese. The pesto was so rich and flavorful, it made me that much more excited to try out the brand's other sauces. I'm not even a kale fan, but if Do Anything Foods can make kale taste that good, it must have some more tricks up its sleeve.

Writer's salad using the pesto sauce

18. Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

An open box of sweets

From cookies and bars to cupcakes and cake pops, Sugar Bliss is sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Four images of cookies, cake pops, and other treats

19. Brave Good Kind's Teriyaki Chicken Bites

The packaged chicken bites  in a white bag

20. Noona's Ice Cream

Picture collage of five different ice cream flavors: Black Sesame, Pandan, Red Bean Choc Chip, Rose Ginger, and Turmeric Honeycomb

Black Sesame

Writer holding up a carton of black sesame ice cream

Rose Ginger

Writer holding up a carton of rose ginger ice cream

Turmeric Honeycomb

Writer holding up a carton of turmeric honeycomb ice cream


Writer holding up a carton of pandan ice cream with palm sugar coconut crunch

Red Bean Choc Chip

Writer holding up a carton of red bean choc chip ice cream

21. Cocoa Oolong Milk Tea With Signature Cream From Tea and Milk

Writer holding up a cup of milk tea

Jasmine Green Tea DIY Boba Kit

A boba tea DIY kit

22. Catalina Crunch

Four boxes of the sandwich cookie flavore

23. Mason Dixie Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich

Writer holding up a box of breakfast sandwiches

Probably the best frozen breakfast sandwich I've ever had. I mean it! The biscuit didn't dry out, the meat was juicy and flavorful, and the egg didn't taste or feel like a processed piece of rubber. The biscuit is the perfect size for a quick breakfast. It wasn't heavy, yet I stayed full for many hours.

The breakfast sandwich sitting on a plate

24. Chop Chop Street Noodles

Writer holding cup of noodles

Unlike other instant noodles I've encountered, these have to be frozen. As you can see, the cup was filled with fresh carrots and cabbage! I really liked having the added textural bonus of the fresh veggies. It made me feel like I was eating something homemade rather than just another frozen meal.

A cup of the noodles cooked

25. Free + True Body Harmony's Body Harmony Powder

Writer holding the box of powder

26. Country Archer Provisions Plant-Based Jerky

A bag of the plant-based jerky in teriyaki flavor

27. Irvins

Two photos showing a bag of potato chips and salmon skin chips

Do I have a great job or what? I'm so thankful I was able to learn about these incredible brands and the unique products they've created. Of everything I was able to try, here's a list of the top five products that stole my heart the most:

1. The Red Bean Choc Chip ice cream from Noona's

2. The palmiers from Sugar Bowl Bakery

3. The lychee-flavored hard seltzer from Nectar

4. The DIY boba from both Boba Bam and Tea and Milk

5. The Hibiscus Rose tea from Vahdam

But I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed everything I tried this month. I hope you'll join me in supporting these awesome AAPI-owned brands!

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