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    21 Bartenders Share Their Hangover Cures

    *Mixes them all together*

    For the last five years, some of LA's top bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts have shown off their insane creativity at Art Beyond The Glass, a charitable cocktail and art event that this year raised funds for Global Inheritance.

    Interior of Resident, the setting of the event.

    Cocktail by Jessica Smyth

    Exterior of Resident

    And since these alcohol experts were already generously donating their time for a good cause, we figured we could get their help in solving another crippling societal-ill: our garbage-person hangovers.

    Some of their hangover remedies got pretty real pretty fast:

    1. There was an unorthodox shower technique from Matt Russell at R Bar:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "First... I get in the shower and barf. Then... warm tortillas with salt & lime and ice chips... Then a beer later."

    Matt speaks our language. #showerbarfing4lyfe

    2. The snap-out-of-it solution from Brandyn Tepper of Cocktail Academy:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "6 Advil, 2 L water, a slap in the face, bacon and more bacon, and just when you think you've had enough, more bacon."

    Others were staunch believers in eating away the pain.

    How Taco Bell didn't make it to anyone's list we'll never understand.

    3. Nick Meyer of Sprout L.A., covering all the major food groups:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Bacon sandwich on bread with butter and like a whole pineapple."

    You don't get this level of specificity without years of R&D. All hail.

    4. Randy Tarlow, from Resident and his elegantly simple fix:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Fritos. Lots 'n' lots of Fritos."

    5. Fowl-mouthed Avery Underhill, from Good Times At Davey Wayne's:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Fried chicken skins."

    Totally gross or totally amazing? We can't decide tbh.

    6. Carb-friendly Bethany Ham, from The Corner Door:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Pad Thai."

    7. And a *hot* tip from Beau du Bois, also hailing from The Corner Door:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Spicy Pork Ramen"

    Some advocated for a healthier approach:

    8. Florence Hartigan from Big Bar, who is #hangovergoals:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Coconut water and swimming!"

    ...With our usual hangovers, we would probably drown.

    9. The electro-delightful method from Caroline Pardilla, aka, Caroline On Crack:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Pedialyte + H20"

    10. ....and from Greg Bryson of The Wallace:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Pedialyte (name brand only)"

    11. The nature-based method from Marsha Meyer, aka The Natural Mixologist:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "1 TBL apple cider vinegar- organic

    1 TBL local organic raw honey

    .5 oz chloropheyl (?) organic

    16 oz water

    Dash pink Hymalian sea salt"

    We might not be capable of making this when we're at our best, let alone when we're pressing our face against the cool bathroom floor.

    While others swung the opposite way and championed some classic hair-of-the-dog:

    12. Danny Zarate from Salazar, who shows his hangovers no mercy:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Fucking MEZCAL"

    13. A refreshing remedy from Jessica Smyth at 71 Above:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "Bee's Knees with Uncle Val's. The citrus notes of the gin pair perfectly with fresh lemon and honey. Light, refreshing, perfect when you need to wake up and feel alive again!"

    As long as you can come over to our house and make it FOR us, we are soooo on board.

    14. A tiny bit of alcohol and a whole lot of hydration from Ralf Ramirez at The Exhibition Room:

    Hannah Chamberlain / BuzzFeed

    "5 dashes of your favorite bitters


    Top w/ soda water

    Collins or highball glass."

    It's like hair-of-the-dog lite — fuzz-of-the-dog, really.

    But most popular of all was some mystical combination of all of the above rolled into one masterful ritual:

    15. Health + poison in one, from Dustin Newsome at Salazar:




    Genius. Let's hit this hangover from all angles.

    16. A calories in, calories out schedule from Bryant Orozco, of Roxanne's Lounge:


    -A decent workout


    17. A seven-step process from Chris Whelan of Sassafras:


    Sodawater & bitters

    More mezcal

    Two orders of pulled pork sliders


    One more shot of mezcal


    18. BC Hoffman, from The Edison, whose hangover cure sounds more like our vacation plans:

    "Pho & pina coladas on the beach."

    BC, next time you have a hangover... please invite us along.

    19. The hydrate-dehydrate-then-feed recipe, from Gabriella Mlynarczyk of Birch:

    "Step 1: water + liver nutrients

    Step 2: fernet + ginger beer

    Step 3: eggs + bacon"

    20. Raul Pool from Spread Kitchen who tops his off with vitamin C and spice:

    "-12 oz bottle of water

    -2 Advil

    -Shot of Sangrita"

    21. And a morning ritual from Joshua Yerkey, of Here's Looking at You:

    "Fernet & beer with water both chased by a delicious brunch."

    Any regimen that ends with pancakes is OK by us.