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    18 Important Reminders For Coachella Season

    Are you ready for the most epic weekend of the year?

    1. Know your game plan beforehand.

    2. Make sure you write your info on a piece of paper.

    That means hotel address and phone number. Your phone will probably die, so make sure you have hard copies of important info.

    3. Always pack your fest bag light.

    4. Bring extra pillows.

    5. Flasks are your friend.

    6. Get a phone case that doubles as a charger.

    These things will save your life. Mophie has them in a variety of colors and phone sizes. You can charge both your phone and the case independently. Woohoo double battery life!

    7. No glass allowed!

    8. Think about extra storage space.

    9. Always have a buddy.

    10. Take lots of breaks during the day.

    It's close to 100 degrees and you've been dancing all day. You may not feel it, but you need to relax and drink lots of water. Make sure you set aside time during the day to kick it with friends in the shade.

    Pro Tip: You get a free water bottle for every 10 empties you return, so recycle!

    11. Security searches you and your car when you arrive to camp.

    12. Don't forget a bandana.

    13. The police are on horseback in the camping areas.

    14. Pick a good meet up place.

    Make sure that you and your friends have a meeting point picked out. Once you're inside the park there will be zero cell service so pick a time and place to regroup in case you go separate ways.

    Pro Tip: Pick a meet up spot that isn't an art installation. Yes, they are super pretty, but that is basically everyone's meet up spot. Pick something obscure.

    15. Bring tampons.

    16. Always mind the size of your group.

    17. Don't fear the fanny pack.

    Fanny packs are essential to the Coachella experience. They adjust fit to your waist, leave your arms free, and have multiple zippered pockets to keep your stuff organized and secured.

    Pro Tip: Get a funny, cheap one. You're only going to use it once, might as well get one that makes a statement, like these Party, DARE, or American Flag fannies.

    18. Be smart. Be Safe.

    Have the time of your life.